I bought 3 tickets to go to the Gina Lynn vs Michell Bombshell Mcgee Celebrity boxing match. The flyer said it was being held at Pennant East. I had no idea what Pennant East was and pretty much didn’t know what to expect. How many people are going to show up? Will we be able see the action from general admission? What the hell is Pennant East? I knew it was going to be held in Bellmawr, NJ which isn’t too far from Philly so at least it wouldn’t be a long trip if it turned out to be a dud.

I get back from work and started playing beer pong against the Wagon. We actually only finished 2 and a half games in an hour an a half where I managed to drink 9 beers. I won the first two, both overtime, and then we went to overtime again in the 3rd game but it was time for me to leave for Bellmawr. So I’m nine beers deep, feeling good, looking forward to going to the fight. Jkash is driving and we pull into a bar at about 7:30 and the action begins at 8:30. There are about 10 paparazzi looking for either whore to get a pic of. We get to the door and I’m like, “I bought the tickets online”. The girl picks up a stack of about 5 envelopes and hands us 3 tickets. This was a bit surprising that only 4 other people purchased tickets ahead of time, this gave a bit of an uneasy feeling of what lied ahead.

The bar had a ring right in the middle of it with lights and speakers hanging above it. If you were taller than 6 feet tall you were going to have issues with your head hitting anything above the ring. There were a group of “reporters” sitting ringside. I’m not really sure what these guys were, but they were unique to say the least. Sway from MTV (lookalike) was there and this one guy had his sideburns completely shaved off but regular hair elsewhere on his head. I went to the bathroom and it was completely nasty and the sink barely had running water and there was no soap. This is just to give you an idea of what crowd was into this type of event. We settle in at a spot at the bar and wait for the show to start.

The first “title” (I use this term loosely as there was a belt but I’m not sure what it was for) match was this weird long haired dude who played the part of the heel. He was pushing the ref and even made a comment to this one guy we were with that he was wearing a dumb hat. His opponent had a resemblance to Howard Stern’s Beetlejuice and this one section was sure to let him know. They started the match by using a wrench against the bell. I’d say there were about 100 people at this point and the heel was doing his job of trying to entertain. The action was obviously fake and the moves limited by the confinements of the ring but it was somewhat entertaining. Some other matches included a tag team between 4 girls, one being Roxy Cotton, and another the crowd named “Large Marge.” At one point the girls were rolling around out of the ring right in front of us and one was on her back. Jkash made the comment “I see one of your areola’s” (he didn’t) but she adjusted both breasts just to make sure. Another match had a 400 pound beast fight some little Mexican which was pretty entertaining to see this mammoth of man walk around. He somehow managed to lose his shirt during the fight and the scene was not pleasant at all.

While the action was going on Gina Lynn and Bombshell had entered the bar. Gina Lynn had her entourage of 10 platinum blonds who were all smoking. She was at the one end of the bar away from us and Bombshell had a seat about 10 feet from us. I was too shy to talk to her but she looked pretty good. She had this dark blue tank top that pronounced her tits and her stomach was flat as a board. As much as I would think the tattoo’s would be a turn off, they weren’t. Gina Lynn looked okay too. So they went to their dressing rooms (the kitchen) and they were both introduced. They entered the ring and they had huge head protectors and boxed with gloves the size of their tits. The gloves were way bigger but not much.

They were going to have 3 one minute rounds. At this point there are probably like 200-300 people surrounding the ring. They get under way and Michelle is in so much better shape than Gina Lynn that you could tell it was going to be unfair. Gina Lynn used a scrappy, no punching brawler approach and Michelle is trying to find spots to whoop her. It’s kind of hard for them to hit eachother because the gloves are so big but Bombshell knocked her to the ground a couple of times with more tossing then punching. The first round ended and Gina Lynn is visibly winded. The 2nd round literally lasted 17 seconds. I’m not sure what that was but I think they were trying to make sure Gina Lynn got through it without passing out. I was pro Bombshell as the fight went on. She was booed at the intro which I wasn’t happy about because after hearing her on Howard, she grew on me. The 3rd round had more of the same half punching, tossing to the ground. They finished the 3rd round and then I’m not exactly sure but I think they couldn’t decide who won so they had another round which Bombshell clearly won. I was enamored with Bombshell at this point. Jkash liked the GN Kang girl from 96.5 who I also thought was very nice. She had the flat stomach and nice rack as well. She was the guest referee but didn’t really do much reffing.

The tickets cost us 30 each and although probably a little pricey, it was worth it for the entertainment. I wore a polo shirt to the event and I was upper class. For a change of pace on a Friday night, I had a good time. I can’t imagine too many people in the audience have a medium for relaying a story like this so maybe this review should find it’s way to a site that actually has some popularity.

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I’m almost back to 100%. My feet are back to normal after only a couple of days post race. My results are also posted at so I’m not a ghost runner anymore. I also got this ridiculous blister from softball on my hand. We went to the batting cages earlier and I probably swung 75 times and that just completely chewed through my skin and it’s been annoying these last few days but it’s finally starting to heal. With just a touch of alcohol in my system from the weekend, I’m feeling pretty good today.

Two days ago I went 6-1 in heads up matches ranging from 20-50 buck matches but yesterday I gave back most of those winnings playing a handful of tourneys. I’ll give some very good advice to anyone who plays online often. Stay away from games in the 5:30 to 7 pm time frame. I think the players are much more adept at this time for some reason that probably stems from finishing up work at this time. I’ve been 5-1 in my sports betting lately. I was down to 13 dollars in my bodog account but worked that up to an even 100 to continue with the same money I deposited at the beginning of the March Madness Tourny. It’s not a lot of cash but the entertainment I’ve gotten out of it has plenty of value.

If you have no money or don’t follow the stock market, I wouldn’t mind trading places with you right now. Shit has really hit the fan and the market seems to be giving back some gains. Just to outline a couple of WTF’s that are making me wonder how I can keep my money in the stock market. Toyota and the pedal incident. Goldman and their deception. Greece and it’s debt along with Portugal, Spain, and Italy. There’s no way in hell that we are going to see smooth sailing ahead. The Euro is going to collapse in the future. I bought today an ETF that goes up as the dollar strengthens against the Euro. I would expect to see the 1.20 dollars have the buying power of 1 Euro in the near future and who knows after that. My first encounter with options has been a disaster. I bought some C calls with a 5 strike price that are now worth 3 cents (I bought them for 26 cents). It only cost me 2 hundred bucks but still it’s like burning money. My SIRI options are still fine as I’m up about a c note on them but I have them out to June so I still have time. I’m considering selling everything, getting all my money in one lump some and trading more selectively rather than diversifying a portfolio with stocks and using a buy and hold philosophy. I think it’s a very interesting time financially and to be under the impression that everything is fine and I’m going to let my money ride is a bit worrisome. We’ve seen gains too big and too fast to not be a little suspect.

I went to the track yesterday and ran a 60 quarter, then a 2 minute lap, a 2:40 800, 2 minute lap, a 5:52 mile, 2 minute lap, then a 75 quarter, 2 minute lap, 2:42 half, 2 minute lap, and then finally a 5:52 mile. I was pretty happy with that and my 2 minute laps were between 2 and 2:30. I’ll continue to train hard for the rest of the summer and try to put on a better time in the 10 miler and the distance run.

I’m going to watch Gina Lynn and Bombshell this Friday. Bombshell was on Howard today and apparently the fight is staged but I expect some titties to be popping out and I guess I could care less if it’s real or not. She was an interesting character and I really didn’t dislike her as much as I would think. She was down to Earth and seemed to tell the truth. Nevetheless, it should be interesting and something different.

I’ve sold 3 books on for about 50 bucks which I’m a bit surprised at. I’m also almost finished the Hunter S. Thompson biography which makes me feel good about myself that someone is way way way nuttier than I am. I like biography’s like this and will continue to read about psychos in the future.

I’m not proofreading this either so forgive me for anything that doesn’t make sense.

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