The Gimme Conundrum

gimme putt

I’ve developed the reputation as a stickler of the rules when playing golf. From what I can tell, most people don’t appreciate this type of approach to the game. The standard golfer drops wherever, counts however, and most certainly takes putts that they will more often than not miss. I played with Bill on Sunday, who caddies at a private course and has seen hundreds of groups play golf, and even he took note of the fact that I wasn’t too lenient with my gimme putts. He even told a story of how he didn’t give a 2 foot putt to his playing partner one time and the guy didn’t talk to him for a year and a half. That’s some serious stuff but it should give an idea of how personal people can take this game and is it really worth abiding by strict rules when everyone is trying to have fun.

The most obvious reason for abiding by same set of rules is so everyone is playing the same game. It’s fine if there is no competition angle, and everyone is playing for shits and giggles, but the moment a match or bet is on, guidelines have to be set. Competition is a good thing in golf as long as it’s friendly. Bill and I played for 3 total dollars and even that was enough to keep things interesting. The other reason to play by the rules is because it makes you better. You won’t improve as a golfer if you are constantly taking 3 foot putts. Bill commented that I was pretty good at 3 foot putts and the answer to that is easy, I’m always finishing them so I’ve had a lot of practice. Rules generally make games harder which leads to higher standards and thus more thought and precision. This topic is hilarious though because people want gimmes. I’ve made the statement before but most people are pussies. They don’t want to blow up their score by taking 6 extra strokes from 4 feet. It is an extremely touchy subject.

*This post is at no person or particular round, just a topic I’m writing about.