Gift Buying For a 28 Year Old

Who’s the easiest person to buy a gift for? Yourself obviously. I went out and bought a few things that I know that I’d enjoy. I presume these gift ideas would work well for anyone like myself who enjoys rock and roll, good TV, and a fun read.

Breaking Bad Season 1 – $12.99 – I’ve heard from critics that this could be the greatest show on TV. Obviously when I hear that it somewhat piques my interest. For only 13 bucks I figured what the hell. Naturally there are only 6 episodes for the first season but I’m still interested. A brief summary of Breaking Bad is it’s about a man who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and he starts selling meth. Good price for a good story.

Arrested Development Season 1- $20.99 – People rave about this show and how they pray for a new season. We all know how much I hate Jason Bateman but I still give things a chance. People say the show is smart funny and is one of the best sitcoms ever. My gut feeling is that it probably tries to hard. When people tell me that I have to understand the characters to get the show I think it immediately lowers it a notch. I hear that from people who watch the office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia all the time. Let me fill you in, if it’s not funny, it doesn’t matter if I don’t get the characters.

Young the Giant – Young the Giant – $9.99 – This album debuted at the beginning of this year but I’m not usually lining up to buy a new CD. With the very nice singles My Body and Cough Syrup I decided I’ll throw 10 bucks their way. The first track is Apartment and I think it should be hitting the radio because it’s really great. I haven’t had the oppurtunity to give it the listen it deserves but the band obviously has talent and really seem to sync to make some really easy to listen alt music.

Led Zeppelin Biography- When Giants Walked the Earth – $12.99 – About 500 pages of pure Led Zeppelin. Obviously only people interested in music would like to read about a band that’s 40 years old but there’s something about that era that just fascinates me. How did they play so much better music that long ago compared to today. People have evolved in so many ways just not Rock and Roll. Learning about their life can clue me on possibly why this has occurred.

Tucker Max – Assholes Finish First – $16.00 – The sequel to I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. I did read the first one and find his stories amusing. I sort of envy his approach to females and not giving a fuck but I’m well aware this will never be the person I am. That’s why I like reading about them. He’s really a good writer and makes hilarious comparisons and tells stories with quite a flare. Not for the person who has never done anything wrong in their life because this book will definitely gross you out. I, however, am extremely amused.