Oh baby / No baby

All girls can be divided into 2 separate categories. Girls that make you say “oh baby” and girls that make you say “no baby”. Once again my thinking is multi-leveled which is why I even bother to put this up here anyhow. First off it rhymes. Things that rhyme seem to do better when it comes to catching on. Obviously the Oh baby’s are the hot mamacita’s who you’d like to have your baby. The dogs are the one’s who you don’t, hence the “no baby.” As I’ve gotten older the girls you become attracted too obviously age as you progress. I believe this is the norm and the sicko’s are the one’s that when they become older they still prefer girls of a younger generation. I really find the line quite ingenious and when hotties walk by you can say a testosterone driven “oh baby” and when the notties walk by you can say under your breath “oh no no no baby.”

I was making sales calls through Jersey today and there is one thing about that state that really bothers me. Full serve gasoline. Personally, I like pumping my own gas. I don’t want to have to tip some guy a buck to pump my gas. I know I’m not obligated to do it but I feel wrong if I don’t. The whole idea of having someone serve me makes me feel like we are in the days of slavery. I don’t want anyone ever waiting hand and foot on me unless it’s my wife or I’m paying them to. Jersey is an interesting state. I saw towns like Cherry Hill, Lumberton, Trenton, and Ewing. I guess they aren’t much different then our towns but something just felt amiss. I can’t really put my finger on it.

I also just bought a Garmin for this reason of traveling in unknown places. I was pretty impressed with it’s direction and it’s ability to accurately predict timing. I had one snafu (situation normal: all fucked up) but it bailed itself out when I made a wrong turn. I don’t know if they have a slogan for it but I would use “Garmin, I feel lost without it.” How good is that slogan and if they don’t use something like that I don’t know what to say because I think I could head up their marketing department. All in all thought I highly recommend the device if you are doing a lot of traveling in unfamiliar areas. Now I just have to make sure it doesn’t get stolen because it’s like a beacon for burglary.