Top 5 We Need More of in 2011

5. Courtney StoddenCourtney Stodden is a 17 year old who married Doug Hutchinson, a 51 year old. She actually got married when she was 16. How you ask? Her mother signed off on the marriage. Doug Hutchinson is a relatively famous actor who played a nut case guard in the Green Mile. Easy to see how he was so good at his role. Back to her, with a plastic body and not even being an adult yet, it’s easy to see where the attention comes from. Undeserved perhaps but my guess is people love watching an immature, bimbo do stupid things on reality TV (which will happen soon). I’m curious.

4. Foster the People – I’m anticipating their second album more than Sloane from Entourage posing for Playboy. Not really but it’s close. Torches is really hitting its stride 6 months after its initial debut. With 4 songs that already have had radio time (only 10 were on the cd) it’s easy to see how hyped people are. This band would be my choice for best new band of 2011 and it’s not even close.

3. Rob Gronkowski – Single season TD record for a TE all time and hanging out with 19 year old pornstars?!? Seriously this guy is the complete player. That’s a great pun. I picked him up off of the waivers in 3 leagues to give you an idea of who knew about this guy. 6-6, 265 and he’s only 22. Just a guess but he’s going to be a top 3 TE for the next 10 years. Bibi Jones, the pornstar in the picture, was my number 6 for this list. Gronk would be on my top 10 list of people to party with.

2. Spotify – I swear this will be the last time I plug spotify but I can’t tell you how much I listen to it. I’m listening to it right now and it hasn’t even caught on yet. You create your own playlists and share them with friends. Currently I’m just listening to my own playlists (which are obviously awesome) but I’d love to listen to what other people consider good music. Most likely I’ll just demean other people’s tastes but at least I have the option. A really fun way to listen to music (minus the ads).

1. Game of Thrones – My #1 is a bit high because I’ve read the books by George R.R Martin. They were phenomenal. However, watching the series is what led me on to the books. I probably won’t enjoy the HBO series as much but I still think it will be awesome to see how the producers took the book to create the series. HBO has tons of great series and this one will be no different. If people think Ned Start being beheaded was overboard, just wait what’s to come.