Why I like to read

I just finished the 4th book of the Game of Thrones series (a Feast for Crows) and decided to buy the 5th book, a Dance with Dragons, which was published this July. It’s the 5th book of a 7 part series and I hope the wait for the next two books isn’t so bad. I also want to mention that this series kicks Harry Potter’s middle school adventures to the curb. I read the first Harry Potter book so I’m not completely just taking a side here with no understanding of what I’m talking about. I read the first Harry in one night. One night. I just finished the 4th book and I’ve been reading the series since June 21st. I basically finish one book a month and this is reading a few chapters practically every night. Obviously the length of the book doesn’t make it good but it should be a good indicator of the degree of seriousness this 7 part series has. The only annoying thing is waiting for the climax.

I got really off track from my original topic of this post, why I like to read and a little story that goes along with it. I decide to go to Barnes and Noble instead of buying this book online. I’ve wrote before how internet shopping is far superior to retail stores and this was the perfect example of not planning ahead. I enter Barnes and Noble and they are holding some kiddie convention for Halloween. There is a fire truck and tons of little kids scrambling around in costumes. As I’ve gotten older, my interaction with little kids has essentially become non existent (no jokes here please). I’m usually really good with kids but too many of them is overwhelming and I was seriously about to lose it in the store. Every step I took I was surrounded by the little bastards. Then there is this monster line and I had to get in between 2 moms and their 4 kids and the little kid wouldn’t stop playing with the books and asking questions. I noticed the mom would just let the kid keep talking and then threaten by telling him she wasn’t going to buy the books unless he behaved. I’m being serious here, the line was 100 feet and it took 15 minutes to get through so understand my torture. Also it took me 10 minutes to even find what should be the most popular book in the whole goddamn store. It was actually in a fine spot but they only had 4 copies.

A cruel trick by publishing companies is to release the hardback and charge $35.00 bucks. B&N discounts it 30% so it only came out to be 25.00. Some people might say how high price that is or what a rip but I happily paid the money and didn’t think twice. I want this book. This book entertains me for 50 hours. Give me another form of entertainment you pay 25 bucks and can be entertained for that long. There is no better. Let’s add that you enhance your vocabulary and stimulate your brain, reading isn’t for nerds. People who don’t like to read are probably immersed in electronics or work. I’m actually going to be sad when this Game of Thrones series ends because I’ve been wildly entertained. I have all of the books and would be happy to loan them out if anyone is interested. I plan on writing a huge review once I finish this. I’d guess it would get some decent blog hits. The Shee promised me a review on X-Factor tomorrow night will blog this shit up.