Frostbite 5 miler 2011 – Results

With temperatures in the 40’s and gusts of wind hitting 25+ miles per hour, this wouldn’t seem like ideal running conditions. However, the times proved otherwise. Technically I only know of 3 peoples times but Me, Jeff, and Brian Lockard all put up worthy times. I was the slowest of the 3 finishing at 29:40 or so but exceeded my expectations of a sub 30 times. Jeff went into the race sandbagging and saying how he was having trouble running 5 miles but you wouldn’t know it when he clocked a 28:45. Lockard beat Jeff by a little bit but it’s hard for me to say being 400 yards behind them. Jeff and I started together and went out in a 5:20 or so mile. The wind made the beginning cold in my opinion but after you get moving it wasn’t so bad. Jeff left me around mile 2 and I was running at a pretty steady pace with no one really passing me and me passing the occasional rabbit who doesn’t know what a pace it. Mile 2 and 3 seemed to contain a lot of gradual hills and the wind made these all the more fun. Once I hit mile 4 I was a bit unsure of how far was left (a mile duh) but it’s sometimes hard to judge when to turn it on a bit to finish strong. Once I saw the school I knew we were close and finished with a good kick and some juice left. Don’t get me wrong though, I couldn’t go much faster as I felt great throughout the entire race. My legs didn’t get tired and my breathing was good. If I knew the course I maybe could have shaved off a few seconds but all in all I was pretty pleased. For a first time experience, I had a good run. Time to get wasted.