What do you think

I just have a couple of topics to harp on. We played Monopoly last night, the two Cohens, Wagon, and myself. 4 people is a good amount for board game playing. You can’t play with 2, 3 seems like it’s forced but with 4 people you can get a solid game in. And the more people that play the more fun board games become. Anyway we got to the midgame with all of us without any natural monopolies. I had the most properties but no money and everyone else had cash. So we begin negotiations and I say something to the effect that I need money. So what happens is I get both Evan and Adam willing to fork over some cash for some monopolies. I tell Evan I’ll trade him park place for all his money, and then Adam comes up with the deal that he’ll give me North Carolina (I only have one green) and about 1,500 dollars for my two yellows which would give him a monopoly. I gladly accept Evan who now has no money but a monopoly and can mortgage for a couple hundred bucks and Adam who has the yellow monopoly and a couple hundred bucks. So I’m sitting there with 3,500 dollars and then I make a deal with Chad for the 3rd green and give up my light blue and purple which give him monopolies. Obviously I wouldn’t be telling this story unless I dominated the rest of the game due to my business savvy. There were some outside forces that went along with this game but I wouldn’t be hiring the Cohen’s to look after your money because the real estate market and the potential of hotels will make them bonkers.

I have another insight on the free t-shirt. Free t-shirts are perfectly acceptable. I actually wear these green b&b t-shirts that I got at some convention nearly everyday. But understand, free t-shirts are garbage t-shirts. You shouldn’t get attached to them and should be apt to throw them away at the first sign of shrinkage or tear. There is something about a free t-shirt that says that I’m a cheap piece of shit and unworthy to be shown in public except under work, sports, or hanging around circumstances. Personally I have 2 separate t-shirt drawers, one pile (which I appropriately store on the floor) are my freebies which I work and sweat in, and another pile that I probably paid for an will wear out in public if I go anywhere. If you have a free t-shirt for over 5 years, it’s time to lay it to rest. I’m sure people take pride in having t shirts for a lengthy period of time but let me explain that this is more disgusting than Roseanne’s snatch.

Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun at stop signs. I like to see how timid people are. So when I come to a 4 way stop sign and the person to my left gets there ahead of me. I like to hit the accelerator and act like I’m going to go through just to see if they hit their brakes and let me. I see weak drivers all the time and just like to bully them. Same thing when people get stuck behind a stopped vehicle like a bus or someone broken down and they have their signal on to move over. I try to be nice and stop and let them turn into the open lane but when people are too bad of a driver to notice me doing this and just sit their because they are inept at using their mirrors, I just nix the idea and plow ahead. I could write columns on driving but it gets me too infuriated just sitting here.

My final observation is that I have a ton of socks. At least 25 pair of socks. The funny thing is I want more. The lifeline of a sock isn’t really that long. New socks have this nice feeling about them. They come right out of the bag all soft and new and you actually look forward to wearing a new sock. However, what I have now is 25 pairs of socks that are worn and just not new. I don’t like to toss a sock unless it has a hole in it which is why I have so many pair. Maybe I’ll donate all my socks to the homeless and just start fresh with packets and packets of new socks.

Prediction for the day, I will use the word “intrepid’ in conversation today.
Intrepid – Fearless; bold; brave; undaunted; courageous; as, an intrepid soldier; intrepid spirit.

I didn’t proof read either so…