My Seinfeld Year – A Kindle Single by Fred Stoller

With my Kindle Fire I’ve been rolling through various books. The latest is a short little diddy by Fred Stoller about his year writing for Seinfeld. He was actually an actor on Seinfeld as well and you might have seen him playing the character who dated Elaine and could never remember meeting her. His best line was “once you lose the button the shirt’s ruined,” or something like that. He was also a writer on the show and outlined how he came up with the story of Eric Bania giving Jerry a suit and getting owed a meal. He describes how the role of a writer on that show is to come up with 4 storylines that all converge and how they all get passed through Jerry and Larry for approval. Plus the guy is sort of dorky or as Larry David called him “the proverbial schmuck.” I think the concept of the 2 dollar story on Kindle though is wonderful. A two bit performer like this guy can earn some extra money without needing a huge publishing house. I’m sure he’s not rolling in the dough but he’s doing alright. Check out Fred in this clip as an extra in Dumb and Dumber.

Who’s Fred Stoller?