The High Five Ban?

This is a link to a story that is about a New York youth soccer club banning high fives and end of game hand shakes to prevent a flu outbreak. C’mon! Barstool finds stories like these and headlines them with “The Pussification of America Continues”. If we keep raising pussies, we are going to become pussies..

I normally don’t give a shit about stories like this but for some reason this one struck a nerve. I feel like this is keeping your kid sucking on your teet until their 10 and destined to be screwed up for life. Kids are supposed to get sick. It’s how your immune system grows stronger. Considering I didn’t miss a day of school my entire life, I feel no compassion for people who use illness to prevent them from doing things. Now that I have to read about over cautious groups and moronic parents stopping their children from one of the most common expressions of camaraderie for fear of the goddamn flu, it breaks me a little inside. I could see if they were catching the ebola virus, the bubonic plague or whatever was in that Michael Chrichton book about the Andromeda Strain, but the goddamn flu? Our country is raising wieners. You think the kids in China or the Middle East are worried about high fiving each other after scoring goals? WAKE UP AMERICA!

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