The evolution

I stumbled upon my very first blog entry which I wrote in July of 05′, that’s almost 5 years ago. It’s actually pretty funny because it’s after I graduated college and you’ll see that not much has changed.

“You’d think that it would be impossible for someone who doesn’t do anything to create a blog, but you’d be wrong. Lately I’ve been playing a lot of online poker, not always successfully but I’m sure in future posts I’ll be complaining about bad beats or raving about how good I am. I’m not sure who would read this thing but I figure if I put it in my profile some unlucky soul’s curiosity will get the better of them. A few things about me are that I am competitive and will bet on practically anything, who knows maybe a professional gambler is in my future. I graduated Pitt with a degree in Finance so I’m intending on opening up a online trading account so I’ll write about my brilliant stock picks in the future. I like to drink mainly rum and cokes, gin and tonic’s, and can drink a plethora of beer. I’m a big fan of good beer, specifically lagers, like red stripe or harp. I like to play basketball, I compare myself to Charles Barkley down low except that I’m not big or black. I’m training for a marathon in November and my longest run in the past 4 years has been 5 miles. I figured I’ll get in shape in the next few months but I wish running didn’t make you so tired so I wouldn’t dislike it so much. That’s pretty much it for now, If you read this and think it’s stupid I really don’t care so keep your dimwitted comments to yourself.”

It’s funny because I never even got close to the marathon and everything I did then I still do now. Scary that I’ve had no evolution and have stuck to my roots.