Feeling Inflated


Is anyone else noticing money disappearing from their wallet at an extraordinary rate? I’ve gone to the ATM 6 times in 6 days. I’ll usually hit the ATM up for 50 bucks and my lifestyle turns that to 0 within a few hours notice. 30 bucks for lunch, 30 for a case, 10 for a taxi, 30 for dinner, 50 for golf, you get the idea. I’m aware that this is a holiday weekend but this feels ridiculous. I can’t remember where I read it but the premise was that money doesn’t make you happy. I know one thing for certain, not having it doesn’t help.

I think the economy and inflation may have to do with this feeling. Inflation is more likely an effect that can be felt rather than seen. Obviously prices in Philadelphia are going to be higher than the suburbs but it’s more than that. It’s the idea that doing anything requires money. It’s an extremely challenging task to enjoy what this world has to offer without spending any cash. You can walk and run anywhere you want but doing activities will run you dry. This has always been a secondary concern of mine because I’ve never been in a situation where my back is against the wall financially. With my life plan of purchasing a house, all of this will change and I’m proving to myself that saving money, or even not spending as much money, isn’t happening.

The obvious solution to this quandary is to make more money. If I give up my free time and either work harder at my current job or find another job, then I can relieve some of this pressure. Another one of life’s paradoxes, give up your freedom to live by working for a “better” life style. The amazing this about this is that I’m complaining IN MY POSITION! There are millions of people on this Earth who have it way worse than me. What gives me the right to whine like a baby? I’m born into the best country, sitting in my air conditioned room, blogging on my dual monitors. When I put that in perspective, I just take a deep breath and let it happen.