The Best Character On A TV Series

Step away Omar. Move over Walter White. No one really likes Jon Snow. V.A Varga is the best character on a TV Series.

Did I even remember his name was V.A Varga? No. It was mentioned in an earlier episode and you can be certain it’s an alias. If you have no idea who I’m referring to, which I’m guessing is everyone except for Jordan, he is the head honcho villain in Fargo on FX. Varga is played by David Thewlis who played Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies.

Fargo is in its 3rd season and I’m amazed at how few people are watching. It’s attention to detail, camera angles, thoughtfulness into every scene is unmatched. It is on par with Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and the Wire on my personal enjoyment meter. To give you an idea of how I rate shows, I prefer the turns and twists over the flash. So a show like Game of Thrones, as much as I like Tyrion & LittleFinger, is more a spectacle than a mind game. Fargo delivers on many fronts specifically with V.A Varga.

Last night’s episode was brilliant in the scene where Varga walks in with Stussy when the police were questioning him. It’s watching an amateur handle a situation with a professional stepping in. You can tell that in every scene Varga is in, the producers are putting the utmost effort in making him appear as a highly intellectual human being. The bulimia and chomping on that steel pick throws me off a bit but I’m sure it’ll be intertwined. Here’s to many more episodes of awesome Varga scenes.

I’ll also note that as much as I liked the 1st season of Fargo, the 2nd season was a step back. This season has me intrigued again and I like Ewan McGregor playing both brothers (for a while). I also see him turning to the dark side as the series progresses. Sy is amusing but I don’t see him making it through. Gloria is the name of the police woman and I see her and Varga battling it out until the end. Good stuff all around.

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Fargo – Loplop

What an episode.  What a freaking episode.  What the hell is Loplop?  How more people aren’t talking about this show is insane.  I was glued to my seat as I watched just praying the episode wasn’t going to end.  Just wow.

This was Ed and Peggy at the beginning of this episode.

Peggy and Ed on the road

“Right now, I just have to keep us alive.”

The image at the top of the page is how they finished. Let’s say it was a rollercoaster of emotions from these two and an award winning performance from Hanzee.


The result of messing with Hanzee

Hanzee stole the show. The bar scene was incredible. His attention to detail is fun to watch as he picked up the spit in his drink. I loved his line when the bartender said he doesn’t serve people who don’t want to be an American and he replied with, “not even one who has 3 tours in Vietnam, a Purple Heart, and a Bronze Star?” Such a badass. The scene was hilarious with the rednecks calling him “Geronimo”, “Shitbird”, and the bartender referring to him as “chief.” They got what was coming.

Dodd being captured by Peggy and Ed


The entire Dodd scene made me laugh. He was hilarious through it all. Peggy has gotten nuts at this point and it’s even more entertaining and great acting from Kirsten Dunst. The idea of holding a hostage was also brought to life and how much of a pain in the ass it must be to take care of them. I really enjoyed Dodd and his lack of respect towards women.

The heavy set one. With red hair. Have you seen him?

The heavy set one. With red hair. Have you seen him?

Which brings us to the last 5 minutes with Peggy holding a pair of scissors and Hanzee ready to change his identity for a life on the run. I couldn’t quite understand the contradicting thought process by saying “I’m tired of this life”, and then having Peggy with a blade by his head as he awaited a haircut. Love the ending though and I like how the characters are coming together.

Milligan doesn’t know that Dodd is gone but the meeting is still set up. Ed and Peggy back in police custody surely to tip them off on the meeting. Hanzee on the run with no direction from Dodd. Lou and Hank hot on the trail. Only Bear Gerhardt is remaining as a central force so we’ll see where he takes it under Floyd’s command. I have a feeling they won’t let us down.

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Fargo – Did You do this? No, you did it!

guernica3Picasso’s “Guernica” is one of history’s most famous anti-war paintings. It’s black and white depiction of people and animals suffering in the wake of a bombing has moved folks since its creation in 1937. Allegedly, while living in Nazi-occupied Paris, a German soldier saw “Guernica” in the painter’s studio and asked, “Did you do this?” Picasso replied, “No, you did it!” (great recap – better than mine)

An episode without Peggy and Ed is just not Fargo. Even though I complain about them, for whatever reason they seem to make the wheels of the bus go round and round. No matter, Mike Milligan was there to steal the show as always.

undertakerLet’s just start with this. You’re named the Undertaker and you last all of about 3 minutes into the show. Everyone wants to know why you’re the Undertaker and that’s what happens when you say, “where’s the eggplant that keeps shitting the bed?”  Saving the most climatic moments for the last 3 minutes of the show is always exciting.  The call to Mike was obviously from Ed but I was a bit confused because it seemed like Ed was calling the Gerhardt’s during the episode to tell Bear he has Dodd, which I can’t quite gather how that happened.  There was news of an Indian tracking a couple and I’m not sure where Dodd being captured fell into that.

20151123_232723Why did it take Bear 2 minutes to walk Simone to a remote area?  I get it Fargo, she didn’t have to walk through miles of woods for me to understand no one was around.  No gun ever went off but it’s most likely the last we see of Simone.  She had it coming.  Bear is easily flying up as top actor on the show.

I was quite disappointed to see Otto go.  It wasn’t clear during the fire fight in the last episode, but he was just chilling on the stoop, so I guess he bit it. What doesn’t make sense is the guys from Buffalo showed up to fend them off.  What?  Floyd, Simone, a bunch of kids, and a house keeper were really putting up a fight when at the exact time some randos from Buffalo show up.  Ok then.

20151123_232631Lou is becoming one of the best characters.  He’s not taking any gruff any more and is becoming more of a bad ass every episode.  I’m not in love with the parts with Betsy but whatever the show feels it needs to do to provoke some emotion.

I can’t quite predict where the show is going from here which I obviously like.  I guess we’ll wait until next week.

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Fargo – The Gift of the Magi

I’m going to try to post these an hour after the episode ends and they will contain spoilers.  Read at your own risk.

Finish the job.

Finish the job.

The war in the woods is a legit way to open an episode.  I didn’t see it coming and neither did the Kansas City Mob.  A simple hunting trip ends up in 12 people dead.  Hanzee went berserk taking out one of the kitchen twins.  UHHH, why didn’t he finish the job on the other one?

The Reagan side plot felt pretty dumb.  This is why my reviews are better than people who will take this show too seriously.  We don’t want to see Regan taking a piss next Lou and not coming up with answers.  We want head scratching, intense scenes, where we are on the edge of our seat guessing what will happen next. This is why the one scene with Dodd’s daughter and Mike Milligan is a complete, “how fucking stupid are you?”

Which brings me to my favorite scene of the night, Charlie being an assassin.  Awesome line from the real assassin before Charlie goes in with, “leave no witnesses.”  He sees an innocent girl who he strikes up a friendly conversation with and the audience knew he wasn’t up for the task.  After a brief break to gather his balls, he tries again.  This music lead up was UNBELIEVABLE.  Exactly how scattered your brain would be.  Sounds like Pink Floyd. Tell me I didn’t call the reloading in the last episode.

Deer in Headlights

Deer in Headlights

I love how dumb Ed was when he was standing there watching his dream go up in flames after the murder at the butcher. He’s fucked. Peggy is even dumber. The reverse roles of excitement from beginning to the end of the episode was noteworthy.  Still liked the situation they are in now.

I’m looking forward to Betsy and Ted Danson getting more involved.  I’m also curious to see who jumps up in place of Brad Garrett.  Til next week.


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Fargo – “Fear and Trembling”

I know Alex will appreciate this post and that’s good enough for me.


Dodd and Charlie shooting.

Episode 4 of Fargo was not as intense as prior episodes. Like always though, there are great lines and scenes to enjoy. The opening scene with Otto and Dodd was pretty badass and just confirms Dodd’s take no shit upbringing. He’ll be one to watch out for in future episodes. He also produced my favorite line when talking to Bear’s son Charlie – “Ok, Wild Bill, how’s this work.” Charlie proceeds to shoot all the bullets failing to address the reloading aspect in the heat of battle. I was equally amused when Charlie was punching the henchmen with one arm and ordered an old fashioned doughnut.


Hanzi noticing the bleach smell.

Hanzi is a modern day Indian tracker who rarely speaks and is a character you can’t take your eyes off of because he’s capable of who the hell knows what.   I enjoyed him walking, instead of panicking, when the Lou arrived at the house.

My main man Mike Milligan (how’s that for an alliteration) had a pretty decent scene with Dodd’s daughter.  By far the best part –

“You surprised me there at the end, your finger.”

“You like that?”

“Didn’t say I liked it, I said you surprised me”

OttoandMikeHe’s cool as a cucumber as always, especially in the scene with Otto.  Blocking the car in was smooth and the silent assassins are growing on me a bit.  How they were both playing solitaire in the hotel room was a riot.  Back to that Otto scene, I’m an Otto fan.  I want him to snap out of it and start leading the Gerhardt’s to war.


Peggy and Ed being morons.

The most boring characters are Kirsten Dunst-cap and Todd from Breaking Bad.  Peggy and Ed seem to accomplish the least and get the most amount of screen time.  Although vital to the story, I find myself checking out when they talk.  I did particularly like the scene with Lou telling them to turn themselves in.  I wanted to shake the shit out of Peggy and tell her to stop being a dumb bitch while simultaneously kicking Ed and telling him to confess.  They’ll get theirs.

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Fargo is the Best Show on TV – OK THEN!

Mike MIlligan

Mike MIlligan

Great, great episode tonight. Constant drama. Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) is evolving as my favorite character with Dodd Gerhardt a close second. I’ve asked multiple of my friends and people I encounter and no one seems to be watching it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

I bit of a showdown.

A bit of a showdown.

Season 1 was phenomenal with Billy Bob playing a badass. The larger lady cop wasn’t nearly as compelling as Patrick Wilson (State Trooper Solverson) this season. I’m completely hooked and I have a simple reason of knowing when a show is better than others, I never check my phone during the show. I pay attention to every detail because that’s how important every detail is to the creators the of show. It’s what separates the best from the rest.  It’s on regular cable, FX, no excuses.

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