End of Season Waiver Wire Ethics

qbLet me set the stage:  It’s week 15, fantasy championships, your team didn’t make the playoffs and is in the toilet bowl.  This game decides who finishes last in the league with unknown consequences.  It’s a 2 QB league and Marcus Mariota got hurt last week and needs to be replaced.  Do you put in a waiver wire bid for a QB?


Some Schools of Thought

  • No.  You are out of the playoffs and should not potentially disrupt the championship game that actually matters.
  • Yes.  You know that other people who are out of it are going to do the same and if the rules don’t apply to everyone, they don’t apply to me.  It’s always a competitive league.
  • Yes.  Waiver wire is open all season to anyone and everyone.  Fuck em.


My Thoughts

How my fantasy season went this year.

How my fantasy season went this year.

By nature, I don’t like to give up.  Even if I’m out of the playoffs, I don’t lay down.  If there were end of year consequences for last place, there is 0 chance I’m laying down which I believe would be agreed by everyone.  I don’t like the idea of being told that I can’t pick up players even though I understand what I’m doing serves 0 purpose.  If I see ODB in my lineup this week, and I have no one on my roster to substitute him with, I don’t like giving the other person I’m playing the satisfaction of playing me against a lineup that isn’t set.  Am I the only one who thinks like this?

This starts to truly come into play when the bid system is in place.  In the playoff round of 4, I had 18 dollars, Bud had 9, Evan had 4, and Big Jer had 0.  Guys who weren’t still in it had 30+ dollars and I had no idea if I should bid 18 or 10.  I would have had to strategize differently if there was a chance other people would bid.  People don’t talk about this but it’s a rule that is non-existent and shouldn’t be.  What do you think?

Will you bid on players when you are out of it?

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THE Fantasy Football Post – Week 1

W0gMcI’m not a fantasy guru so take any advice I give at your own expense. I will however be participating in just about every form of football oriented activity from fantasy, to Draftkings, to Fanduel, to eliminator, to survival, and last but not least straight up action on games. It’ll be a wild year.

I’ll start with what I’ve found to be the most interesting in the DFS leagues. Here are my teams for FanDuel and Draftkings. It’s only Tuesday so there will most likely be changes come game time but you can see who I’m looking at with value. May have to click the pictures to see the teams.



Jameis most likely will be subbed out but he’s cheap and better than Tyrod and Cousins.  Bradford is the safer play but then I have to alter every part of the squad.  Value favors Lacy, Martin, and DeMarco at RB.  A-Pete and the ODB team is pure high risk, high reward.  I’m ALL IN on Julio this week with John Brown and Landry as cheap options who I just am looking for a solid outing. The TE in Rodgers is a huge risk but his price is so great to be the starting TE on the Packers. Seattle is the only defensive play this week.



I’ve taken a different route picking more of players who I like to explode and not worrying so much about what is considered value.  I’m staying as cheap as possible with Tyrod and sprinkling a little J. Hill, Lacy, DeMarco, A Pete, C Ivory, and Jamaal.  I’ve tested teams with Davante Adams and A Hurns as cheap options.  ODB, Cooks, Matthews, Cooper, and Julio are all guys I like.  Olsen and Bennet are safer plays with more upside than Rodgers.  Chandler Catanzaro was offered to me as advice and I’d still stick with Seattle.


Week 1 Games

  • bradyCovers has the Pats vs Steelers as virtually a pickem and the line going off at Pat -7 at home.  My general principal is to be on the opposite side of where you think the public is and with this game as an even draw it’s not a game to go crazy on. The Pats offense is going to be shaky with Brady having the entire off season drama, Gronk not playing a game, and the team having pretty much no star RB’s or WR’s.  With this quick take, you’d think to pound the Steelers.  Cool your jets.  LeVeon Bell is suspended and their defense is pretty much non-existent.  AB can’t win this game himself.  I tend to lean towards the Pats – 7.
  • Not this year toots. It's Lindsay Duke. Bortle's old GF.

    Not this year toots. It’s Lindsay Duke. Bortle’s old GF.

    GB (-6.5 & 67%) vs Bears, Miami (-3.5 & 65%) vs Redskins, and Carolina (-3 & 67%) vs Jags are the heavy action on Covers.   Green Bay vs the Bears is a divisional game at Chicago and the Bears are getting no respect.  I’d take the Bears as a home dog to cover but would stay away.  The Redskins are pretty much a joke this year and Miami is being hyped up as a playoff team.  These don’t always swing the way the public thinks and I expect a close game from Cousins and the Skins at home as another home dog.  Sticking with the trend, I’d bet on the home dog one more time as Jags +3 because the Panthers are going to be a lousy team offensively and the Jags will show an offense that no one has seen before with A Rob, Hurns, and Yeldon.

  • Win me that money.

    Win me that money.

    Bucs (-3 & 56%) over Tennessee is going to be my pick of the week.  Jameis will ignite this team with his legs if all else fails.  Not having Mike Evans may sway my vote here but I have no faith in any part of Tennessee.  They have one of the worst defenses in the league, no good RB’s, Kendall Wright is decent, and a QB who is playing for the first time.  Of course you could make this argument about Jameis but the home team is the play in this game.


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Living in a Fantasy

I haven’t posted anything about gambling or my fantasy football teams in a while so it seems like the appropriate time.  I’m in works on a post that will be targeted at females instead of 99% of my posts at males.  I have no idea on the ETA but it has potential.  Until then, onward.

fantasy-football-team-embarassesment3 out of my 4 fantasy teams will make the fantasy playoffs.  I’ve invested $300 dollars into leagues and am only out of one $25 dollar league which is fine by me.  In the league i did not make the playoffs I drafted Toby Ger-tard in the 4th round and Colston in the 5th.  A-Pete was the first round pick. which completely derailed the team.


Don’t fuck with a Wild Turkey

I was able to make the playoffs in another league while drafting A-Pete and that was from solid pick ups like Odell, J Hill (sorry Bud), and Denard Robinson.  Aside from M Ryan, who I can pick up anyone from the waiver wire to do better, the team is stacked.  They rock A Foster, F Jackson, and Gronk to go along with the waiver wire pick ups..

One team is going to need some incredible luck to win.  I drafted Dez and Demarius with my first 2 picks which actually worked out well.  I have Jennings and Denard as my RB’s though and not a lot of depth.  Julius Thomas is the only other player surrounded by Colston, Kelce, and Kenny Britt.

My best chance has Stafford, Lacy, Denard, M Evans, M Wallace, K Benjamin, and Gronk.  Notice the rookie receivers drafted was huge.  Montee Ball was a 2nd round pick which was nice to be able to advance from.

fantasy-football-memeMy gambling days ran out last week when I blew my wad betting over my head.  This was still Billy Horschel money so it’s not like I’m diving into my bank account but it still sucks to lose.   I also can’t win through Fanduel as I put up decent numbers but it’s never enough.  I’m probably down about 400 which is more than I’d like to lose but it’s over a 3 month period and I enjoy watching every game because of it.  I’m sure I’ll throw some action on some Thanksgiving games but the bottom line is I’m a loser.  Good luck to you all.

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2013 Fantasy Football After-Draft Thoughts!


I finished my 4th draft tonight and wanted to share my thoughts. I don’t claim to be the best manager but I pay attention every week and have developed various strategies over the years. I want to start with a recap of the 4 drafts and ideas that used I throughout. My main resources are rotoworld (if you don’t use this you shouldn’t be playing), Nathan Zegura from CBS on Twitter, and random articles from Yahoo and Google. The new Yahoo interface isn’t a great improvement but it’s still better than ESPN.

Round 1 Draft Thoughts
The top 9 picks of the draft weren’t all that challenging because aside from A-Pete, all the RB’s have proven themselves to a certain extent. Wasting a pick on a QB at any of these picks is ludicrous. At 10 you jump into the Alfred Morris / Matt Forte area where things start becoming hazy. The obvious part of fantasy football is getting as many running backs who touch the ball as possible. I wouldn’t draft Alfred Morris because he doesn’t have break out speed and he has 1 season of proven football behind him. I’d rather chance Forte, Steven Jackson, or David Wilson who are all guaranteed to get carries on decent teams. Guys like Gore, MJD, and CJ2k and older backs who will see touches but you know what you are going to get from them (1,000 yards and 7 TDs). A guy like Steven Ridley isn’t someone I want because he’s had 1 breakout season. The season before he was primarily used as a goal line back. So with all of those guys being thrown out there, if I drafted late into the first round, I was coming back with an RB2 who I wasn’t ecstatic about (unless I could get Wilson).

Round 2
I see Calvin go at the end of Round 1 and I think that’s fine. I wouldn’t get him earlier because good RB’s are too hard to come by. I’m still not wasting my QB pick in RD2 on anyone. I also saw Dez being drafted at the beginning of 2 and that was a bit high for my tastes. I absolutely love Dez Bryant but I wasn’t using my high round 2 pick on him because the value just isn’t there. I also saw Jimmy Graham being picked up around this area and I don’t think there was anything wrong with that but his season last year wasn’t worthy of a 2nd round pick (982 yards and 7 tds). I would 100% rather have Gronk in the 4th round than Graham in the 2nd. The idea of passing on an elite WR1 (Bryant, Green, Julio, or Marshall) didn’t make sense to me to warrant a Graham pick. A Steven Jackson or David Wilson pick in rd 2 was an ideal spot for me here.

Round 3
I don’t like picking backs who have never played in the 3nd round like Lamar Miller, Lacy, and Bernard. I’m not a fan of Demarco Murray after the way he treated me last year and would rather have guys like Reggie Bush, Darren Sproles, or Darren McFadden. Most people won’t roll the dice on McFadden because he’s made of glass but I’ll take potential with chance of injury over steady any day of the week. The strategy in 3 is still get that 2nd RB if you haven’t already or try to land a guy like Fitz, A Johnson, or Randall Cobb. More than likely it’d be closer to Bowe, Cruz, Roddy, or V Jack. I don’t want D. Thomas because he’s competing for targets now with 2 other good receivers. Colston, Wayne, and Amendola don’t thrill me either. I”m still passing on a QB.

Round 4
At this point I’m thinking about a QB but still not taking one unless I have to. Most likely Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Peyton are off the board at this point. I’m jumping on Cam if I can because he has something other QB’s don’t and that’s durability and a proven track record. He doesn’t throw many passing TD’s and plays on an improving team but he uses his legs to get points and that’s big. I’m staying away from Kapernick and R. Wilson because they aren’t proven. Their ceiling may be high but just last season I remember saying the Wilson was the worst QB statistically and you’d have to be moron to play him early on. It was only until the end that he lit it up and that’s not a big enough sample size with no receivers surrounding him. The sample size of Kap is also too small to instill confidence. If I thought I could wait until round 5 to get a Stafford or Ryan I would, otherwise I’d try to nail Romo in 6. I would stay away from RGNoKnee and Andrew Luck for reasons of a perhaps “lucky” rookie season.

Round 5-8
Simplest key to fantasy football, get players who touch the ball a lot. I’d much prefer a guy like Chris Ivory over Shane Vereen. Shane Vereen is better but his touches are dependent on whether Tom Brady is throwing the ball his way. Ivory will get 15 hand offs which all lead to opportunity. Daryl Richardson is a perfect example of getting touches as their starting RB. If he sucks Isiah Pead will step in but at least he has the opportunity. I wonder why people draft the Denver RB’s so early? There are 3 of them and none are better than the other. A guy like Ahmad Bradshaw is what you want in these rounds. Mark Ingram isn’t shit unless the Saints change their way of doing things. Also, why would I draft backups unless I need them as a handcuff? They are just going to sit on my bench and it essentially means I didn’t do my job in the earlier rounds drafting running backs. It translates to passing too. Would I rather have DeSean Jackson or Chris Givens? Givens! Why? He gets targets. Would you rather have a guy who gets 5 targets a game or 10? It’s simple math. I check the target report after every week to make sure my guys are seeing the ball. If they don’t, cut em. Guys like Josh Gordon, T.Y Hilton, and Cecil Shorts kill at this spot. You don’t want guys like Stevie Johnson who have no QB. I assume the same case could be made for Cecil but he somehow did it last year. If I haven’t gotten a TE yet I’ll try to grab a guy like Jared Cook, Jermikes, or Greg Olsen. Vernon Davis would be ideal but that’s reaching.

The Final Rounds
I see people draft defenses early and I understand the logic behind not having to worry about changing a good defense, and it does work out, but I’m not sure you give up such an edge that it’s worth giving up your 9th round pick or so. Am I willing to take the Bears in place of Rueben Randle or Kendrell Thompkins? No chance in hell. I’ll reiterate that fantasy football is all about potential. You know what you get from a Lance Moore type guy but have no idea what DeAndre Hopkins could give you. I’d rather take flyers in the later rounds instead of use my picks on defenses and kickers.

My basic principals are draft guys who get the touches. I’d rather have the best player on a bad team than a good player on a great team. This goes against trying to pick players from the strongest teams but they are the strongest teams because they have the strongest players which means they spread the ball around. I’m not drafting Jordy Nelson or James Jones when I know Randall Cobb is the new #1. Thomas, Decker, and Welker are going to be a crap shoot. Give me Mike Wallace from Miami, Garcon from Washington or Torrey Smith from Baltimore. They are THE GUY.

Draft RB’s early and get the go to guys who touch the ball. I also am in a few auction type waiver wire situations and I only think it will only help my cause. I’m the most active person on the waiver wire each year but I only pick up free agents. My goal is to get that waiver priority to #1 and scoop the back up when a starter goes down. My point is that I’m not going to use my money until the later parts of the season. Any veteran player knows that the only part of the regular season is making it to the playoffs. The beginning means very little compared to the end.

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QB Salary Breakdown 2013 – Who’s VALUE-ABLE?

Russell Wilson is the best value at QB when considering salary

Russell Wilson is the best value at QB when considering salary

The quarterback is the most challenging position on the football field. This player touches the ball on almost every play and is essential to success. That’s why it makes sense to find a solid QB and lock him up to a long term contract. Obviously this is easier said than done. My opinion is that teams pay too much for mediocre talent. I’m going to breakdown AND RANK who I believe are over, under, and fairly paid QB’s.

Team                                            Contract                    2013 cash

Russell Wilson Seahawks        4 years, $3M              $749,193
RG III Redskins                        4 years, $21.12M        $5.28M
Colin Kaepernick 49ers           4 years, $5.13M          $1.28M
Cam Newton Panthers             4 years, $22M             $5.51M
Tom Brady Patriots                  5 years, $57M              $11.4M
Andrew Luck Colts                   4 years, $22.11M         $5.53M
Matt Ryan Falcons                   6 years, $72M              $12M

Worth Payment
Aaron Rodgers Packers           7 years, $130.75M        $18.68M
Joe Flacco Ravens                   6 years, $120.6M          $20.1M
Roethlisberger Steelers            8 years, $100.12M       $12.51M
Peyton Manning Broncos          5 years, $96M               $19.2M
Drew Brees Saints                     5 years, $100M             $20M
Andy Dalton Bengals                 4 years, $5.22M             $1.3M
Christian Ponder Vikings           4 years, $10.16M           $2.54M
Eli Manning Giants                    7 years, $106.9M           $15.27M
Michael Vick Eagles                  1 year, $7.5M                  $7.5M
Josh Freeman Bucs                  5 years, $32.42M           $6.48M
E.J. Manuel Bills                        4 years, $8.89M             $2.22M
Ryan Tannehill Dolphins          4 years, $12.67M            $3.17M
Jake Locker Titans                    4 years, $12.59M            $3.15M

Mark Sanchez Jets                   5 years, $58.25M          $11.6M
Philip Rivers Chargers              7 years, $98.31M           $14.04M
Sam Bradford Rams                6 years, $78M                $13M
Jay Cutler Bears                      5 years, $49.9M             $9.98M
Matthew Stafford Lions            5 years, $76.5M             $15.3M
Tony Romo Cowboys              7 years, $119.5M            $17.07M
Carson Palmer Cards              2 years, $16M                 $8M
Brandon Weeden Browns        4 years, $8.08M            $2.2M
Blaine Gabbert Jaguars          4 years, $12.01M           $3M
Matt Schaub Texans                5 years, $69.7M            $13.94M
Matt Flynn Raiders                  2 years, $11.5M              $5.75M
Alex Smith Chiefs                    3 years, $24M                 $8M


My list is pretty easy to understand.  The current QB’s who are underpaid are the ones who had breakout seasons last year.  I used to laugh hysterically at Russell Wilson’s numbers and call him the worst fantasy QB in the league.  It’s funny how quickly that can change.  RGIII is great if he stays healthy.  Kapernick proved any and everything in the playoff game against the Packers.  I think Cam has a huge skill set with a weak mental aspect to the game that can develop.  Brady is Brady and Andrew Luck proved it wasn’t all luck.  These QB’s are all solid and you can build a team around them.

The next section is easy to decipher because the QB’s who are worth it are the one’s who have won Superbowls.  Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Brees, Flacco, and both Mannings are deserved of the money they make.  They’ve proven it before and they are all veteran QB’s who with the right team, show they can win it all.  The next part of that list are players who generally aren’t getting paid that much and are unproven.  All Ponder has to do is hand the ball off.  Dalton is making squat.  Vick is a huge question mark with upside potential.  I’m still not sold on Freeman.  Manual, Tannehill, and Locker haven’t shown much.

The 0verpaid players are the ones who make a lot of money and don’t lead their team to victory.  They all have fundamental flaws to their games which prevent them from taking the steps forward.  Sanchez isn’t an NFL QB so I don’t care how much money he makes, it’s too much.  Rivers shows glimpses of being a quality QB but he’s not able to control his emotions.  Sam Bradford seems to win some games but I don’t see stardom in his future.  Cutler and Stafford both throw too many picks and get by more on stats than wins.  I actually like Tony Romo but I don’t think he should be making as much as he does for reasons stated above.  If I owned a team, I’d chose an unproven rookie over Carson Palmer.  Weeden and Gabbert suck although Weeden has some upside, Gabbert doesn’t.  Matt Schaub isn’t bad I just think he’s making too much money.  Matt Flynn has had one good game stat wise in a game that didn’t mean anything.  Alex Smith can’t throw the ball but is a smart QB.

So there you have it.  All the QB’s broken down by value when considering how much money they are making this year.  If you want my advice, any single player in the underrated column would be nice to have on your fantasy team this year.

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Living in Fantasy

I feel pretty boring writing about football each week but that’s what I’ve been doing so that’s what I’ll write about. Primetime, our co-ed Football team name, won with a 2 score win over the opposition. It was a decently competitive game with Ck4 picking up 2 Td’s in his out of retirement game. I hurt my hip on the first play of the game and have been nursing it the last day or two. We played better but are still a far cry from a football team. Marcedes (Jkash) and his myriad of catches helped our first half scoring. People read if I mention him if you didn’t know that.

Ck4 also beat me in Fantasy Football for probably the 12th year in a row. That’s not accurate but it certainly feels that way. I also picked up a loss in Evan’s league which has me at 1-4 and if I don’t pick up some wins the 3peat won’t even have a chance. I can’t really explain it either but my fantasy leagues have just been lousy. I’m 3-2 in my 100 dollar pro league, 2-3 in Steve’s 100 dollar league, and 1-4 in Bake and Evan’s league The rotoworld draft guide has seemingly done more harm than good. Never say die though.

I had a pretty solid run in the NFL gambling wise. I’m not sure where I left off but Bovada has been giving me random free bets and couple that with some luck and I turned the 100 deposit into 527. I’m actually in for 2 hundred which makes me only net 327. However, I was 3-0 on NFL bets yesterday (not including my 15 dollar 5 team parlay and 10 bucks on Jackie Battle scoring the first TD of the game.) The Viking and Bears were superb picks and I was money on the Saints for a c-note. All signs point to the Texans tonight which obviously has me skeptical. I’ll probably hem and haw and then put a light bet on the Jets even though I’m certain they suck. Betting is funny though sometimes because betting with your heart is never as good as betting with your head.

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Fantasy Fball Antics

Just a quick example of how I interact with people. With Gore being out for the season and Westbrook on our waiver wire, I receive this email from the Shee who owns Gore.

“Please Please Please don’t pick up any running backs this week?”

My Response

“You’re good. I have 4 serviceable rb’s and I have to finally use my waiver wire on a defense this week. I can’t play the Jets vs the Pats so I absolutely have to pick up Seattle against the Panthers. You going to try to get Westbrook?”

His response

“Now that’s a good boy Coop. I am going for Westbrook, Gerheardt, then Hart. Gore totally ruined any shot I had at making a run in the league. Now I am just trying to sneak into the playoffs. With Evan’s inflated defense points, I agree with sitting the Jets this week.”

Now I was number 1 on the waivers and I had pretty much planned throughout the season to not waste my waiver wires on people I didn’t absolutely need. As it turned out, the person who was number 2 on the waivers was the person who is tied with me for the division and also the person I have to play this week. He has a shortage of backs and would love to get his hands on Westbrook. So I decide to put in my 1 waiver for Westbrook, assuring I got him, and then put in my 2 claim for Seattle’s D. I ended up getting both spots and can now sit Westbrook on my bench this week and make sure no one else gets his points. The email I received this morning from the Sheee.

“You backstabbing rat! Karma is going to get you BIGTIME on this one”

Ahh the joys of humanity. I’ve wrote before that I’m just not that good with people and here’s another example of the joys of being me. Just to point out one more thing, Sheeee, you were 8 on the waiver list and had no shot at getting Westbrook anyhow.

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Negativity and lack of knowledge

So I’ve pretty much decided to not listen to anyone’s advice because more often than not, people don’t know jack shit. People might think they know things but there’s a lot of this mis-information out there. The key to life is knowing how sift through the bullshit and know who’s on point compared to those who just like to talk. Everyone likes to talk by the way. I also want to point out that you can also include me in this “who not to take advice from.” I obviously have my own way of doing things and if they don’t work out, I have no one to blame but myself and that’s just the way I like it. When you take others advices you tend to blame them for when it doesn’t work out, which is human tendency to not take the blame. So you have my foreword that I’m no smarter than the rest of you.

I have one example and it pertains to fantasy football. I picked Jamaal Charles and someone commented “what a terrible pick, he’s splitting time with Thomas Jones.” I go to rotoworld.com and read “there is a gaping separation between the two in terms of productivity and talent.” Plus have you watched one pre-season game of Charles or are aware he finished the year with games of 143, 154, 102, and 259 yards? I’ll take my chances that this is going to be a bad pick. So with this person running their mouth, they show their lack of knowledge and combine it with a negativity to make me feel like the idiot. Bad business all around.

Another example of this is I chose a defense with the 74th pick of a 12 team draft. The avg selection of the jets, determined by previous yahoo drafts, was 60. So I’m not the only moron out there and someone chimes in “you’re choosing a defense this early…” like I’m a complete tard. Players that went after my pick were Jacobs, Stewart, Barber, Bradshaw…. The very next round I got Cadillac Williams, a starter for the Bucs and not sharing time. So I’m a tard because I get the top ranked defense and then the very next round get a player whose numbers are going to be comparable to Jacobs, Stewart, Barber, or Bradshaw. This is obviously debatable but if you can predict the future you should be doing something other than picking fantasy football teams. So my point is, what’s the point of opening your mouth and criticizing someone else when it’s all guesswork anyway. If I’m an idiot, let me be an idiot in peace and I’ll lose all my games and you have nothing to worry about.

This relates to poker in the sense that if I win a pot from a total fish, I’m not telling them they are a moron, I’m telling them how great they play and how unlucky they got. Don’t tap the fish bowl is the general motto amongst better players.

The negativity end of things is also prevalent everywhere. People seem to prefer other people to fail, then succeed. When other people fail, it makes them feel better about their own failures. An example is on the golf course, on hole 9 where I would have had a 42 if I par’d in. While on the tee box waiting to hit my drive, I hear my playing partner say “hit it in the water.” Now me and my playing partner are good friends so I don’t mind bringing this to his attention, but I don’t need you rooting against me and hoping for my destruction. If you want to silently hope for that, that’s a-ok but I don’t need to hear it. Now this is slightly different to what Ck4 spazzed out at me about. CK4 had a spaz when he hit a 30 foot putt 10 feet and I pointed out how bad of a putt it was. I completely understand why he wouldn’t want to hear that, I said I was sorry and I wouldn’t do it again. But I’m not hoping he does bad, he just is bad and I’m being a dick and letting him know. On that note I’ve also decided to quit golf for the season because I’m tired of paying 50 bucks to shoot 100. I thought I got over the hump about 3 weeks ago shooting some decent rounds in the 80’s but I’ve proved lately that it was just a mirage.

I also haven’t run since Friday and considering the race is the 19th, that’s not good. I’m going to go for a run today and see how I feel. I thought I was in really good shape but after this little lapse of training, I’m not sure. Other than that though I’ve been squeezing in a lot of poker and final tabled another 180 man tournament last night. I only managed 8th but it just shows that I have the consistency of getting there. Posts like this could limit my friend count but what’s the point of having a personal blog if you can’t be real with it.

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