Famous Love Triangles

Love Triangle – usually a romantic relationship involving three people. While it can refer to two people independently romantically linked with a third, it usually implies that each of the three people has some kind of relationship to the other two. The relationships can be friendships, romantic, familial (often siblings), or even pre-existing hatred between rivals.

Bella & Edward & Jacob

I’ve watched all 3 Twilight’s. There I said it, let’s move past this “you know how I know your gay” sequence. This has to be the most G rated, dopiest love triangle of all time. These movies, in order, go from average, to below average, to nauseating. The beginning of how Bella was falling in love with Edward was ok. Then Jacob entered the mix and Edward had to go away only to realize he couldn’t live without Bella. Then Jacob really tries to get Bella to love him and she fake does but still loves Edward more. It’s the most fun anyone can have with all their clothes on and never doing anything more than kissing and talking. Nevertheless this has to be one of the most popular love triangles of this generation.

Bret & Jemaine & Mel

This doesn’t fit the normal 2 girls after 1 guy or 2 guys after 1 girl. This is a one girl loves two guys. In what has to be some of the best scenes from Flight of the Conchords, Mel’s obsession with Bret and Jemaine is one of the most interesting dynamics of the show. She’s married which only throws a small, trivial wrinkle into it. The fact that neither Bret or Jemaine really cares for Mel at all but would never tell her that provides the humor. Not your typical love triangle but still worth mentioning even though the audience isn’t as widespread.

Sookie & Eric & Bill

In what is the steamiest 3some so far, this love triangle has produced plenty of Sookie’s naked body and more of Bill and Eric’s ass. It’s obviously HBO knows they have a female audience for this show and love to show these guys ass more than ever. The romance between the characters was interesting at first but now has sort of cooled off in my opinion. In the beginning of True Blood I actually thought that Bill and Sookie’s relationship was interesting. When Eric made Sookie drink his blood that sort of made things different but not necessarily too weird. Finally when Eric was put under a spell from the witch and Sookie fell in love with him, that’s where I draw the line. It started out as interesting and now has lost it’s allure. I will say that Sookie’s body looks pretty slamming in some scenes.

Peter & Lois & Quaqmire

This is your typical love triangle. Peter and Lois are married and the single neighbor, who happens to be Peter’s best friend, wants to bang his wife. I’m sure this has happened millions of times in reality. This being a cartoon makes this one never really play out except for maybe an episode or to when Quagmire moved in on Lois during a rough patch. Constant sexual jokes though are made from Quagmires perspective while Lois is around. This isn’t so much the dynamics of the love triangle as it is the normal circumstances that arise around it.

Leia & Luke & Han

So this one didn’t pan exactly as planned. In Episode 4 it seemed like there was some romantic chemistry between Luke and Leia. In 5, it was pretty obvious that Leia had a thing for Han. In 6, Leia found out that she was Luke’s sister and that pretty much put an end to it all. There is no doubt though that in The Empire Srikes back Leia did this. Hard to deny that there wasn’t some chemistry between Luke and his sister. Pretty creepy if you ask me.