This is just getting silly at this point. It’s late February and the snow just doesn’t quit. It’s unbelievably annoying waking up in the morning and stepping out into the freezing car, warming up the car and then clearing snow off for 5 minutes. Especially today when it’s so cold out and you get the ice that freezes to the car and you have to use the scraping device which can scrape the paint. The other side is some stupid brush which is completely ineffective. Plus I find it so much easier to just shove the snow off with my arm and then the snow just sticks to my hoodie because I’m too lazy to put on my winter jacket. And when I open the door the snow just drops straight into my car. The whole situation is just a nightmare.

In other news, I read that they are checking peoples facebooks to determine if they would have any issues being a juror. Meaning if people do too much tweeting, or go on rants, or have blogs that make them out to be a lunatic… I guess in one sense that is good because I probably never have to worry about being a juror but it’s sort of annoying just because I can’t feel a part of the judicial system (yeah right). I wonder if I’d still be able to maintain this blog if I had a corporate job and someone looking over my shoulder. I guess that could be one of the main reasons most people don’t have a personal blog. I think it probably does reduce my credibility a little bit from a professional sense but if I could make money doing this instead of a “real job”, I would choose this. Honestly let me sit there for 8 straight hours and let me type about whatever I want and I guarantee I could produce some entertaining material. Although without the right inspiration sometimes it’s difficult to write. Considering I’m burning out playing poker I may have a lot of time on hands to come up with material. Probably incorporating news events isn’t a bad idea to comment on.