Sober Saturday

A rare Saturday entry because I didn’t go out last night and didn’t even have a sip of alcohol. Reason being, my dental implant somehow got loose and that led to the area of the gum to become infected so now I have to take penecillin and then get the implant looked at and possibly removed and replaced. Complete nightmare but there’s really nothing I can do. I was smart though because I went to the dentist only a day or two after I noticed my mouth not being exactly right and obviously had good reason going. So I stayed in and bet on the Sixers and the Knicks which both covered and watched the movie the Town. I went to sleep early and got 10 full hours of sleep and am feeling amazingly good on a Saturday compared to my normal hangover.

Just a quick review on the Town. I thought it was a pretty good movie but completely unrealistic. I can’t understand the whole dating part of the movie between Claire and Doug. Just seemed really dumb. Why is a bank robber starting a relationship with a key witness in the bank he robbed. I think Jeremy Renner is an awesome actor for being a little guy and was easily the best actor in the movie. I don’t really understand all the rave reviews of the movie because it didn’t really have a great storyline. I thought it was kind of stereotypical of a bank heist movie. Ck4 commented that it reminded him of Set it Off and I have to agree. I also watched Extract which was a Mike Judge movie with Joel Bateman, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck, and Kristen Wiig. The movie had an Office Space feel to it and Joel Bateman was eerily similar to Ron Livingston. I was entertained but certainly can’t say this was a fantastic movie. It had some funny parts when the partner called the employees dingus and dingleberry’s but it only grossed 10 million and with a cast like that it had to lose money. I’m not sure what they are thinking when they produce this movie because I can’t imagine they thought a lot of people would want to see this movie.

Just a few random thoughts. I bought what were called “boxers” on the label and when I open the pack they feel more like boxer briefs. I don’t like how they cling to my legs and suffocate my nuts.
Jess Baker told me she liked my Jersey Shore post and I always wonder the type of people who just refuse to like the show. Have they ever watched it? Do the people who think that the show is moronic understand that the people who like it KNOW that that show is moronic. I understand that when so many people like something it’s a natural tendency to not want to be part of the crowd. The way these characters interact though is really fascinating because it’s such an unusual social environment and their attitudes make for such wild encounters. Good clean fun.
My final observation is that when I stayed in Friday night not drinking or doing anything but watching sports and movies, I get the feeling way more people do this than I think. I literally get wasted and go to the bars 50 out of 52 weekends both Friday and Saturday and this was just a completely different experience. However, I did like it. I slept for 10 hours of real sleep and not drunk sleep. I woke up today feeling sober and good. Although I don’t have any good stories and nothing entertaining happened, I’m not sure that’s necessary for anything. Sort of sad that it takes me this long to realize this but I’m getting there.