Jay Cutler is a complete douche

Look at this guy in this picture and tell me his not an asshole? Now if Jay Cutler were in this room with me now would I be telling him he’s a douche? No. He’d kick my ass and he might even be a really nice guy. Am I saying he’s a douche for calling of the wedding? Nope, because she’s probably a nightmare and he realized that putting up with her for the rest of his life was something he didn’t want. However, this picture just inspires this post. I can’t look at this guy and think he’s a nice guy. He’s is the poster boy for the term douche bag. I don’t even like Kristen Cavallari and haven’t seen one thing she’s ever done but I know she probably has terrible taste in men. This poor girl was probably so excited for this wedding. I’m sure she doesn’t need to work and probably spent tons of hours planning and this guy says no thanks. Sweet little cutie is probably crying in her room day and night but my guess is she’s probably better off.

Just to make this post a little more interesting. He is an average QB. He’s 34-34 as a starter. He completes 60% of his passes and has 104 TD’s to 79 picks. That’s a 1.35 TD to pick ratio. Brady has a 2.53 lifetime TD/INT ratio. Also Brady in 2010 was sacked 25 times compared to Cutlers 52. Is it fair to compare him to Brady? Obviously not, but still the guy is just average and should get an attitude check. Do I have any base to call Jay Cutler a douchebag? No it’s just my viewpoint and has no merit. Take it accordingly but he will never play on my fantasy team.