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PrimerBrookes lent me the movie Primer. If you’ve never seen it, which I’m sure you haven’t, it’s an 87 minute flick created on a $7,000 budget that uses time travel as its main theme. As always, other people have wrote much more profound thoughts on this subject than I can, most notably Chuck Klosterman in section 3 of the PDF. Even still, without going into details of the movie, the ability to travel in time is by far the most complex thought process to wrap your mind about and this hold true after watching Primer.

As Primer demonstrates, once you have a machine that can go back in time, you can keep going further back in time. This starts to spiral out of control because you keep going back in time and your copies are still…???? I hold no belief that time travel is possible but as I’ve learned from thousands of years of history, nothing is impossible. People think nuclear war would end humanity, I’d put my money on time traveling.

Calvin and Hobbes Time Travel

time travel clockIn the Klosterman PDF (an excerpt from Eating the Dinosaur) he poses the question what would you tell your past self if you only had 15 seconds on the phone with him or her. Read the passage if you want to know more about the context of this question but I’ll answer it after giving it some thought. My unrealistic, idealistic present self would tell my past self never to touch a drop of alcohol. However, if I know me, my past self would start laughing and say “some nerd just told me never to drink alcohol.” With more thought on the actuality of the situation, knowing past self would only hear a voice claiming to be me (which I’d have to waste precious time saying), I’d tell myself to not play so many video games. Learn a language, play outdoors, go on dates, do SOMETHING. I didn’t learn this until 24. If I could combine the two tidbits, I think I would be where I’m at now at 27 instead of 31.

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! and too many letters

I just finished reading Chuck Klosterman’s book Eating the Dinosaur and he is a much more intelligent person than me. I know this as I sit here trying to think of it’s then me, than I, then I. He is able to explain ideas on why people do things instead of the way I do by just saying “I think they’re stupid.” I’m going to quote a paragraph from his book to give you an idea of what I mean:

“If you’ve spent any time trolling the blogosphere, you’ve probably noticed a peculiar literacy trend: the pervasive habit of writers inexplicably placing exclamation points at the end of otherwise unremarkable sentences. Sort of like this! This is done to suggest an ironic detachment from the writing of an expository sentence! It’s supposed to signify that the write is self aware! And this is idiotic. It’s the saddest kind of failure. F. Scott Fitzgerald believed inserting exclamation points was the literary equivalent of an author laughing at his own jokes, but that’s not the case in the modern age; now the exclamation point signifies creative confusion.”

I’m obviously not smart enough to put this in words as well as Klosterman but I agree completely. I think the majority of the population is just confused. I’ve written before how I don’t just throw exclamation points into my writing and I’m happy to see some validation to my thoughts previous to reading this book. The same thing applies to people who throw a ton of letters while texting into words to try to be cute. They aren’t stupid people they are just confused about being an individual because society has made them think that this form of writing is accepted. All their friends text this way so they are going to do it too. By trying to be different, they are just conforming.

So where am I getting with all this? I’m not really sure. It’s not like from now on anyone who texts me with words spelled like this “whhyyyyy”, I’m going to stereotype as a moron. It really has nothing to do with that. I’m think I’m just trying to make myself feel better about my own human existence. When I see Bud send texts and emails with perfect punctuation, I think it says something about his personality. He’s a no nonsense conformist who doesn’t like breaking the rules. It’s not entirely true but still I think it’s a good example for the post. I sometimes don’t like capitalizing my texts so that should give you an idea of the rule breaker I am. I also want to point out too that there is such a generation gap with me and “young adults” that I’m probably becoming an old fart. When I see facebook updates like Thx, I’ll c ya, my head spins. As every person getting older thinks, the younger generation is doooooomed.

One other thing I took out of the book was authenticity. People who lie aren’t people you want to be around. They will never be successful, and if they are, it’s usually done underhandedly. Honest people who tell the truth have a far greater chance at “making it.” It’s why I hope this blog will eventually catch on. I don’t fabricate story’s and I try to be as honest as I can with my posts. I give you my thoughts straight from my brain as I think them. This is my work. is me. I don’t steal ideas and this is something that even if I never achieve stardom, I know I can be proud of. If you’ve read this post this far you’ll know that you are reading my work and everything that comes along with it. I hope you, the reader, take something productive out of reading about my life because this is my reality.

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