The Eagles Will Be Worse Than The Sixers



Last year I thought the Eagles were going to be unstoppable. Bradford fitting into Chip’s system perfectly with Demarco running the rock up the gut would be too much too handle. This year I think the exact opposite for the offense.

  • We know what we are getting with Bradford. He’s serviceable but will make costly mistakes. If I had to pick a QB to lead me to victory in the last 4 minutes, Bradford would be in my bottom half of QB’s in the league.
  • Can you even recognize who this is?

    Can you even recognize who this is?

    They have no run game. I won’t count out Spoles because he had a great last year but he’s one year older and not a workhorse. Mathews will inevitably get hurt and he’s not a superstar anyway. Barner may rise but time will tell.

  • The wide receivers are not nearly as good as people think. Matthews put up his numbers in garbage time of blow out games. He had 997 receiving yards (159 against Arizona in a 17-40 rout) which is decent for a #2 receiver, not a #1. Nelson Agohlor posted a catch % of 52.3% which ranked 183 out of 212 eligible WR’s, this was slightly ahead of Riley Coopers’ 51.2%.
  • Is Julie Johnston a bigger star than Ertz?

    Is Julie Johnston a bigger star than Ertz?

    I think Ertz and Celek are pretty good and I wouldn’t mind using Ertz like a Gronk. He can’t block though?

  • I’m not an OL guy but it looks like Jason Peters, Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce, Brandon Brooks, and Allen Barbre will be our starters which seems relatively experienced and barring injury, won’t be the team’s biggest problem.

So that’s the core of the offense. Defense will be above average with the rush from Barwin and Cox. Jordan Hicks and Mychal Kendricks are solid linebackers. Malcom Jenkins will lead a squad of McLeod, Carroll, and McKelvin (from Buffalo) of which I know very little. Jenkins was amazing last year.


The Sixers vs Eagles Prediction


Working my way up to this art.

The Sixers are going to have a whole lot of problems initially. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started the season winning 1 or 2 games of their first 10 as they figure out what the hell is going on with playing basketball together. Ben Simmons has some sweet passes in Summer League but they are to cutting guards against mediocre talent. When he gets on the court with Jahlil and Embiid it’s going to take some adjusting to. The Sixers are becoming stacked with talent but that has nothing to do with whether they can win basketball games. Who’s the team leader? It’ll take a while to find out. I predict a win total of 27 games.

Doug Pederson will be a worse coach than Chip Kelly. Just sayin'

Doug Pederson will be a worse coach than Chip Kelly. Just sayin’

27/82 is a 33% win percentage. If we multiply this by 16, we have get 5.28. I predict, the Eagles with win 5 football games this year.  The defense will keep them in games but this team doesn’t have a play maker other than Sproles with a sprinkle of Ertz. Maybe Ryan Mathews will become one but he’ll most likely stub his toe and be out for the season if he starts getting touches. If Wentz becomes the QB, I’ll immediately shift my tone because Bradford is the pits. He’s an average pro at best and won’t be getting any better. With him at the helm, they’ll win 5 games. If we see what Wentz is capable of, they may be able to win more games.