Spot On?

This is an excerpt from a Grantland article on the most entertaining teams in the league:

3. Eagles

The Eagles are fun for casual fans because they reinforce simple, widely held narratives. Even your one game-every-few-weeks fan knows that the Eagles turn the ball over all the time, fail spectacularly in the red zone, and make terrible clock management decisions. These things happen in every Eagles game, and the only question is really just how awesome those mistakes are. Sure, you thought Ronnie Brown throwing the ball with his other arm to nobody inside the 2-yard line was bad, but was it really much worse than Michael Vick fumbling the ball into the end zone on a sneak? And between those narrative-affirming fiascos, you occasionally get some gorgeous play from Vick or LeSean McCoy. That’s fun!

Living in Philadelphia and being an Eagles fan you just sort of take for granted how others may perceive the team. I’m the first to admit I’m not a die hard Eagles fan but if I had to choose a team to root for they’d be it. I watch practically all their games and have learned to never count out what the Eagles are capable of. When I read that little paragraph I started laughing at the Ronnie Brown play because it’s just a microcosm of the Eagles. The paragraph should have added play action passes from the goal line, lack of running plays to Shady, undersized QB with undersized receivers (a terrific match), and Andy Reid proclaiming how he needs to do a better job. This is not a good football team. My problem with the coaching is that Andy is always trying to outsmart his opposition instead of just running an offense. It makes for entertainment, but not W’s.