Eagles Season 2013

The Eagles were 4-12 last year and are going under a Chip Kelly head coaching change that will hopefully lead to a lot more handing off and using LeSean. With the latest news from camp that Vick beat McCoy in a race, this isn’t shaping up like a shot at the Superbowl type season. If the Eagles can go 8-8 this year, I’d consider it a successful season. Eagle diehards will tell me I’m stupid and not a true fan but let me break down the team by position and explain why I don’t see a winning season.

Vick, Foles, and Barkley. 5/10.
Vick will undoubtedly get hurt, Foles will relieve successfully for a brief stint but fall back into mediocrity, and Barkely will ride the pine. Vick isn’t a Superbowl quarterback and he’s head and shoulders better than Foles. Michael Vick’s best play will be to hand the ball of to LeSean, if he does that, they have a chance.

Running Back
LeSean McCoy. 9/10.
Give him the ball. Enough said. If they don’t do that, they won’t win.

Wide Receiver
DeSean Jackson & Jeremy Maclin – 5.5/10.
These guys get entirely too much credit. DeSean is a long ball threat and Maclin is a nudge above average. They need someone with speed and size to make a difference. These guys disappear from games when they get shut down corner coverage.

Tight End
Brent Celek. 6/10.
I don’t have much a problem with Celek. He catches well, has seemingly enough speed, and I don’t notice much about his blocking so I guess he’s doing alright.

5/10. This is hard to judge with Nmandi and Babin gone because they were bringing down the team unity. I see weakness at cornerback with no shut down corner and Chung at safety will have to be a judgement once he starts playing. DeMeco Ryans is a solid LB but not much else at that position. Trent Cole is a good DE but where the pressure will come from? Too many holes to fill.

Kelce, Peters, Watkins, Herremans are the names that stand out to me. I honestly don’t watch the line enough to comment.

Over/Under for the season is 10.5. If anyone wants to put money on the over, I’ll take the under. I have a feeling that they’ll be slow to start and come on as the season progresses. Like I said in the intro, an 8 win season seems likely.