Reality Check

With 10 comments on the quiz post it appears pretty obvious what I should make all my posts about. Unfortunately it’s not my material and therefore, doesn’t really have any original substance. It makes sense though that keeping people on the site by making them think is a smart way of generating traffic. I think the real issue with quizzes is that anyone can just google the answers if they want. Obviously this wouldn’t give you the special feeling inside of actually getting it all by your self but I’m sure some people prefer the glory then the satisfaction. I haven’t been updating on the blog traffic much but that’s mainly because it has been horrific. My traffic has fallen off a cliff and I don’t have any answer. I guess my Suri Cruise traffic is no longer but I picked up a dozen people for Amanda Bynes which is really peculiar. I have come to the realization that I can’t control traffic and pursing the goal of increasing traffic isn’t so easy and should probably come naturally.

I went on a sales trip today to visit some customers in the Wilmington, De area and came away with one fact through observation. Two franchises are everywhere in this PA and DE area. Wawa and Dunkin Donuts are taking over the world. Wawa has near 600 stores now and did over 4 billion dollars in revenue and is ranked around 50th in worlds biggest private companies. There are 6,700 Dunkin Donuts throughout the US which should also turn some heads. It’s so bizarre too because I am an avid shopper at both. The best buisiness idea that came from the sales trip is to combine the Wawa and Dunkin Donuts for an ultimate experience.

Sorry for the short post but I’m tired from the day. I will post something tomorrow morning even if it’s something as silly as a quiz.