Drunk Phils

Last night I placed a 200 dollar wager on the Phillies and decided to get wasted during the game. My plan was to drink 1 beer every inning and to do a shot for every Phillies run. I did accomplish both tasks, I think… I had 3 Sam Adams in the first 3 innings and when I woke up today I had 6 Coors Light on the table so I think I had the 9 beers. I also remember doing straight vodka shots for every Phillies run so I’m fairly certain I accomplished the task. I also want to point out that I was doing straight Vodka which is a real shot. I saw some program of some kid who kept ordering Soco and lime and I just laughed because he was just a wannabe alcoholic. I woke up in my bed at 7 and my alarm probably rang 100 times before I turned it off. I was about an hour behind schedule which wasn’t too bad and I feel fine now. In hindsight I probably regret drinking but during the process it was pretty fun. Tonight we have an open bar at the Bayou which I’ll attend and then Mad River has an open bar on Friday so these next two days should be good. With my birthday coming up I understand that I’m at the end of my youth and some life changes are going to have to take place. Mostly I have to start getting wasted more often on the weekdays to take advantage of my younger years to the fullest. I’ve been hitting the gym every day and yesterday I busted out 3 miles at 17:35. Show me any 26 year olds who can still do that and drink as much as I can. It’s not the norm and I consider myself unique because of it. My lifestyle choices are my alone and even though they are mostly destructive, I’ve done an OK job of keeping myself together.