Time Dispensing


I feel obligated to post material to this website. Successful and popular websites are usually posting several times a day to maintain the interest of the people. I know with the websites I visit frequently (barstool, yahoo, pornhub), they are constantly being updated. Unfortunately, my time is spread to thin for me to post as often as I’d like. After work I’m heading to the gym, eating dinner, and then usually have a couple hours of free time which I usually don’t feel like dedicating to blogging. As of late, I’ve noticed that I need to need to put aside a solid 2-3 hours of time to sit down and write. I try to use those hours to create as many ideas for posts as possible to minimize my work throughout the week. The hardest part about a blog is finding things to post about on a regular schedule. With that aside I’ve still been able to create this. It’s hard to justify 4 years of work worth $450 dollars but at least it’s not 0.

It’s always been a thought of mine of how I spend my time. What if I didn’t have a job and I could do whatever I wanted 24/7. How would my life be different? Would I get more joy out of being a full time blogger? Would I visit more places and enjoy life more? Would I have more creative thoughts? The daily routine has a lot to do with how you act. If you work a 9-5, five days a week, there’s a good chance the weekend is your time to let loose. I know for a fact I have some friends who’ve never seen me other than on a weekend when I’ve been drinking. Working a schedule like this actually propels me into drinking on the weekends because it’s the only time I get to do so. A different schedule would lead to a completely different life. How you spend your time in life is perhaps the most important, overlooked feature of life. Amazingly, it passes you by without even know what’s happening.