From Good To Bad

Everyone is a critic. Whether you want to be or not, at some point during whatever it is you experience, you have to decide whether you like it or not. Some people will go off their first reaction, others will dig deeper for meaning, and others still will analyze something until all meaning is lost. I tend to think I’ve seen enough movies, listened to enough songs, and experienced enough life that I can use my brain to produce original thought about something. I’m going to explore a few scenarios when TV, movies, or music start going south after being great. This happens fairly often when the initial story lines or newish appeal have been played out and the idea gets continued because it’s popular and makes a lot of money.

Django Unchained
The movie that inspired the post because I watched it recently. Fantastic movie for 2 hours and then Christoph Waltz parted and the ending was abysmal. What I loved about the movie was the budding relationship between Waltz and Foxx, the attention to detail in their interactions, and the antagonist DiCaprio had me constantly wondering what he was thinking of doing next. Then the actual climax of the movie occurs when DiCaprio insists to shake Waltz hand, carnage ensues, and unrealistic nonsense follows. I lost interest when Foxx had 25 guns pointed at him and walked away. The ending just got stupid. No hero bullshit could keep me from caring at that point.

I think Dexter WAS a 1st class television show. The Ice Truck Killer, Lundy and the Bay Harbor Butcher, Miguel and the Skinner (the Skinner was actually kind of lame), and then the zenith with the Trinity Killer and Rita. 4 seasons of pure gold. Every episode had you on the edge of your seat wondering how Dexter was going to get out of the jam he got himself in. After season 4, there hasn’t been a quality season. Lumen and Jordan Chase, Travis Marshall, and finally Hannah McKay was all crap. Dexter just got played out and I think the villains make the show and the latter seasons just missed the mark. I’ll still watch the show but I know that it’s not what it used to be.

Family Guy
After 11 seasons and 205 episodes, this show has gotten whack. I absolutely loved the first few seasons. Their ideas were fresh, they took the jokes to a different level, and the 22 minutes of entertainment was delightful. Somewhere along the way Seth McFarlene became bigger than the show itself and the writers took over. This new thought doesn’t have the same pizzazz as Seth and the show isn’t as good. Same thing happened with the Simpsons over time. People start to lose interest. 6-7 seasons is a solid run but once the ideas start cramping, it’s time to quit.

I would go as far as saying I hate every new Weezer song. The Blue album was top notch. Every song was worth listening to. Songs like My Name is Jones, Holiday, Surf Wax America and In The Garage were classics and they weren’t even the hits. Pinkerton was pretty average but The Green Album hit again with songs like Hash Pipe and Island in the Sun. After that it’s been complete crap with Beverly Hills, Pork and Beans, and Troublemaker. Strange how everything after their first album hasn’t been as good. Rivers must have lost his mind somewhere along the way.

Boy, October, and War had a few decent songs (I Will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year’s Day) but the pinnacle of U2 is the Joshua Tree. I’ve included the full album below so you can listen to one of the greatest complete albums of the 80’s. U2 never actually went out of fashion and made good music since The Joshua Tree (Even Better Than The Real Thing, Mysterious Ways, Vertigo, Beautiful Day, One) but nothing in my estimation can match the Joshua Tree as a whole. One of my favorite albums ever. I think Bono is such a humanitarian that he doesn’t have as much time for the music and lost some passion along the way.

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No New Business

Not much has changed since my last post. I don’t really have anything of interest to write about but to take the advice of Evan Cohen, it doesn’t really matter what you write about as long as it’s something. To expand, people come to the site because, most likely, they are bored and are looking for something to keep them entertained for a minute or two. If there is not a new post up when the person goes to this site, they are disappointed and will hold it against me because of my lack of attention to this blog. So as long as I write something, anything, people are satisfied. However, to the people who read this, they are sitting there thinking, “why am I wasting my time when all this guy is doing is rambling about how boring he thinks my life must be because I am reading his blog.” I have felt this feeling of boredom that you are experiencing. Basically, you are sitting there, you have nothing to do or maybe you have something to do but you don’t feel like doing it. You’ve already channel surfed and although Saving Silverman is on you’ve seen it countless times and there has to be something more productive to do. So you go to your computer and log into facebook. Sometimes I like to click on one of my friends and then it shows mutual friends, and then I’ll click on my favorite mutual friend and then it brings up more mutual friends and then I repeat the process until I think why the fuck am I wasting my time doing this. Or you click on one of your friends and they are in a photo album but it’s the album of a foreign friend and you click on the pictures and you realize you are slideshowing through pictures of a random persons trip to Italy and once that I happens I just X facebook, put my head in my hands and wonder what has become of me. Anyway, you have for some reason found my page and now I am entertaining you with my mindless drivel. No worries, I’ll give you the lowdown of anything I think is pertinent ranging from gambling to TV to drinking, all of my favorite activities.

To start, my sports betting days have come to a screeching halt. After wagering 350 on Vanderbilt two weeks ago (and winning) i’ve been on a 1-8 slide losing all of that money plus another hundred, bringing my season total to the minus 75 dollars. I could go into detail but it hurts to much to recount. I only made one bet this weekend and it was on Pittsburgh who couldn’t cover. That’s one bet in 2 weeks and I’m hoping to stay away as long as I can.

I’ve been investing my time into poker once again. I bought holdem manager a while back, bought sharkscope, and have re-subscribed to cardrunners. Basically all of this is important to being a winning player. If you play and don’t use these tools, most likely you are not a winning player. To be honest, I invested about a grand in two months with absolutely no return. Losing players blame it on bad luck, but I was honest with myself and knew I had some leaks that I had to plug. Considering I’m writing about it, it’s safe to say I’ve turned the ship around and have been playing what I consider high level poker. I have 3 final tables in 3 days taking 5th, 3rd, and 2nd in 12 dollar 180 man tournaments. I’ve also been playing 16 turbos and 20 dollar HU to round off my tables. In my opinion, I haven’t even been “grinding” long hours but I expect to change if I can keep up this little run.

Quick TV update. Californication is the best show on television. If you don’t watch this show and you like crude sexual humor, you are seriously missing out. The last episode was phenomenal and I’m liking this season much more than the last one with Lou. Becca sort of gets on my nerves but it’s really just an awesome show. The stripper is hot, Felicia is a hot milf, I can’t remember the beat TA’s name (jill?) but this love triangle cracks me up and my wish to be Hank Moody and have all these girls love me while still being an asshole, grows with each episode. Seriously, I come out of this show wondering how I can be more like Hank.

Dexter is sort of building up to the climax which I like. The episodes have been a little slow and the LeGurta-Angel thing is annoying, but John Lithgow is playing a good role and I’m anticipating quality last couple episodes. Wagon and I were cracking up when Lithgow barged into the Asians house and then when they said they were going to call they police, Lithgow was like “don’t be absurd!” Bow-Chicka-Wowow by Masuka was good too.

Curb has been on point. This show is one of my favorite 30 minute times slots of the week. If you don’t watch it you are really being a tard. I feel like they give Jerry this aura of being better than everyone else. When Funkhauser told his joke and Jerry was like “I like him, he’s crazy,” that had me rolling. Even though I think Leon has this mandatory requirement to be funny, which usually bothers me, he plays the part well and actually is hilarious. Just watch the show if you have no clue what I’m talking about.

I’ve been buying these variety pack beers. Yards last week and the halloween Magic hat before that. The thing I’m not taking into consideration is the alcohol content of some of these. I have seen multiple that get into 6-7%. What happens is I’ll drink 12 or so, do a couple shots, and then next thing you know I’ll be blacked out for hours. Last Saturday, I literally can’t remember anything from 10-2. I can only imagine how I act and getting home safely is a miracle. You’d think at my age I would stop clowning around like this but I just never change. Mon-Thurs I don’t drink an act like a normal human being, which is how I want to act. But come Friday and after a couple beers it just becomes a shit show and I try to impress myself with how much alcohol I can consume with no regard to the fact that I’m going to become a puddle. However, this weekend is another opportunity and I will make an attempt to do better. That is all.

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TV analysis

I’ve finished Dexter. All 3 seasons in 3 weeks. This series is the nuts. I would put it an extreme close 2nd behind the Wire. I actually might put it ahead because I haven’t seen the Wire in a while to make that accurate. If you haven’t watched it all then stop reading now because there will be spoilers ahead. The episode where Dexter proposes to Rita practically brought a tear to my eye. I usually am too manly to admit this but you really grow with the characters and it was really a great scene. It’s a show about a serial killer and I rave about the marriage proposal, gay I know but how can you not fall in love with Rita. I also thought Deb’s potty mouth was awesome throughout each season. I thought I would hate her character but she really was a good actress. Angel was probably the worst but not too annoying and Masuka had hilarious commentary at times. All in all it was good casting.

The story lines in every season were phenomenal. I can’t pick a best season. I thought the “skinner” was a little stupid but Dexter’s battle with Miguel was enthralling. The Bay Harbor Butcher put Dexter under the most heat. And the Ice Truck Killer season made a good effort at describing his background. I just really, really enjoy this series. Rita shows her tits, bad guys get offed, stories come together like you would never believe. Some things bother me like how Dexter took down Dokes with handcuffs on. Or when Miguel busts the Nazi freak, drive away and everyone just forgets he escapes. Or when the Skinner lets Dexter escape because he has his tools a mile away, wtf? I don’t really care though it was awesome and I’m upset I’m out of episodes. I guess I’ll wait till Season 4.

True Blood delivered once again. This is just an awesome show. People probably dismiss it because it’s vamps and freaks but it’s just so entertaining. How did the wife put her panties on with her dress down? Nevermind, Eric is the man but the Bill and the other bitch vampire is sort of boring. That’s kind of the only part that lets me down and for some reason they show way to much of it. Sam and the Maryann is heating up and I’m a bit pissed they axed Daphne. I’m really looking forward to next week when all hell breaks loose. Should be a good one. A final thought, I don’t usually go for red heads but Jessica! Nice.True_Blood-Jessica-Deborah_Ann_Woll

Entourage is biting it in my opinion. Turtle bores the hell out of me. Watching Vince and Eric bang random chicks is going nowhere. Drama is getting old. Ari is saving the show but Andrew Klein has got to go. What the hell was the mole behind Gary Cole’s ear? More Sloan. I’ll stop bashing and give them a one episode pardon but I wasn’t impressed.

Weeds tonight was so so. I don’t see where the season is going. I have lost interest in all the characters and only watch the show for entertainment. I don’t think this is a very good show anymore.

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TV Time

I watch TV. I only watch a handful of carefully picked shows, but I think I have good taste in what a good show is.

Daisy of love is not a good show. This is a pure entertainment show. There is no good that comes out of this show. I DVR it so I only have to watch 40 minutes of it. The characters are funny though and I like watching other drunk people do stupid things, whereas it’s usually me getting drunk and doing stupid things. Down to the last episode and I could care less.

True Blood still has my interest although I didn’t think Sunday’s episode was the greatest. Not much to really write about, just a transition episode.

I watched Weed’s tonight. It’s ok. Silas and Shane have grown on me, I hate Celia and now Nancy is getting on my nerves. Is the one guy working for Silas and Doug in MTV’s Boiling Points?

I watched the Pilot of HBO’s Hung. I’ll watch the other 2 episodes but it just lacked substance. It was average, the main character wasn’t bad but the other characters all sucked. I wouldn’t recommend it but I’ll write about the other 2 episodes just for the sake of it.

I’m on a mission to watch the Dexter’s. This is a smart show that I completely missed the boat on. I don’t think it’s as good as the Wire was but it’s pretty high on my list of quality series. I just started Season 2 and hope to finish it before the weekend ends. I don’t really see any reason to break down why I like the show so much, I’ll save that till after I finish it.

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