The Lamps @ Dereks

I’m just going to refer to Jkash’s gf as the Lamps because I don’t think people appreciate being named by my blog. I try to use nicknames for any human references just to protect people. Hell, I even try to keep my name out here as much as possible. So the Lamps comes from the video below at about 2:57 when the guy needs someone to “bring an Amber-Lamps.”

Anyway Jka$h came over last night at about 9 or so and explained me to the secret to maintaining a good blog, “write about JKa$h.” We’ll give it a try. JKash starts pounding beers immediately as he comes over and then him, Bake, and I went to a Lamps friend to pregame for a bit before going to her Birthday party at a bar called Derek’s in Manayunk. Her friends place is pretty narrow but virtually spotless and pretty well kept. The Lamps friends are more sophisticated then us and instead of drinking games people stood around and talked. I took a few shots and then Bake made a vodka and sprite pretty strong and I think that loosened him up a little. We went to Derek’s at 11 or so and we had a few drinks and mingled a little bit. Derek’s upstairs was more narrow hallways but it wasn’t overly crowded which was fine. Bake was talking more than usual due to the alcohol and was explaining to me that money isn’t the key to life and that he actually likes giving back to the community as he says. It’s also hilarious too because he pays for things like he owes me something. He bought pizza earlier in the night and then bought me a drink. JKash also got ripped on 2 mind erasers, that he also paid for me for, for like 18 bucks and they were served in a tall, thin champagne glass which was completely absurd for 9 bucks each. In complete weasel move by me, after letting these guy buy my drinks and instead of getting them back, I was pretty drunk at this point and just sketched out without telling anybody and then went to Mad River to see Greengenes play. I can’t really explain why I just shade out without telling anyone but it has to do with getting too drunk and then just making decisions that seem rational at the time. Mad River was packed and I was there by myself which isn’t as awkward as you’d think when you are completely hammered. I watched Greengenes play their final set and there was just a barrage of pussy who love the lead singer. I remember being part of a crowd of girls but the place is just so packed it’s hard to really move. I ended buying a late night sausage from Kate and Nick and then went back by myself. All in all it was a good night and with CK4 and Evan away for the weekend, I’m all alone. We’ll see what happens tonight.