Rare Saturday Entry

I scheduled a dentist appointment for 11am on Saturday. Obviously I knew that this could be problematic. However, I woke up at 10:21, drove over there successfully only to have she devil pick at my gums until they bled dry. Yes I know I don’t floss often enough but I brush twice every day and it’s still not enough. Funny thing was though, I slept in my clothes and didn’t change before going over there so I probably reeked of alcohol and bar smell. I actually like the person who cleans my teeth though, she’s nice and every time I apologize for not flossing enough she quickly dismisses it. Here’s the thing with flossing, appointments are scheduled every 6 months. That is a lot of time to make up for. If I don’t floss for 5 months straight and then floss every day for a month I’d be golden. Problem is that I just treat that last month like the first 5. I would like to say though that I do go to the dentist. People around me are saying they don’t go and I must say that they are asking for trouble. Mouth work is not fun but critical to maintaining yourself.

Golf today. Probably not running because my insides aren’t working properly.