DeAndre Jordan is Sad, Mad, and Bad

DeAndre Jordan got called for offensive interference with 4 seconds left on a huge play last night in a 111-107 loss to the Spurs which leaves the Clippers down 3-2. Here’s the play.

“It was a dumb play,” said Jordan, who sat at his locker long after the game ended. “I hit the ball. We did a good job fighting to put us in a situation to go up one. You can’t blame anybody on that but me. I tipped the ball.”

DeAndre JordanI admire that he did not make any excuses in this situation and stepped up and took it like a man. However, this is coming from a guy who is considered one of the NBA’s top rebounders (15 per game and lead the league) and is essentially taken out of the game by the heady coaching of Gregg Popovich. This play was made from a player who is mentally defeated because of missed foul shots.

The Spurs intentionally fouled Jordan three times late in the first half, resuming the divisive strategy that even Popovich claims he uses reluctantly. Jordan, a dismal free-throw shooter, missed four of six before Rivers pulled him out. San Antonio committed five more intentional fouls against Jordan in the third quarter before Rivers pulled him again. He finished 7 for 16 at the line. – Yahoo! Sports

deandreI started to feel bad for DeAndre Jordan because I know what it’s like to not want to go to the foul line. Your brain is so mind fucked that you can’t make a 15 foot shot with no one trying to stop you more than half the time. Matt Bonner came in the game last night to specifically foul Jordan by tapping him away from the ball while the refs made the call. Doc Rivers has to pull him from the game because they would lose by 20 if it continued. You know how bad of a feeling it is to not be able to play the game you are getting paid millions to play because you can’t make foul shots? That goaltending was call was a function of a player whose head is not right. Chalk one up to Gregg Popovich.