Foster the People vs Led Zeppelin

Just to make sure Mark’s comment doesn’t get buried below I will share this song which I also think is pretty good. This song isn’t on Torches though which was why I’ve never heard it until watching the video. This was the first time I saw Mark Foster before and it sort of surprised me that his voice sounds that way even live. Foster the People sound like a really cool concert to go to even though the audience seems comatose. They rock out towards the end a bit but whenever I see people rocking out I always come back to this song.

If you don’t have the time to listen to the whole song I would suggest skipping to 3:30 to hear some of the best rock and roll of all time. This is why no one can compare to Led Zeppelin. You first hear Foster the People, one of the hottest groups out in 2011, rocking out and then you hear perhaps the greatest rock and roll group of all time putting them to shame. I know this isn’t a fair comparison but I’m just making a point of why rock has never stepped up to where it was back in the late 60’s, early 70’s. I wonder what Robert Plant thinks of these bands in today’s era?

I’m gonna make one final attempt to urge people to join spotify because it really is a cool service. I’ve been listening to my own music for the most part because like usual it’s very difficult to get people to create playlists so the entire community can listen to their music. Basically you share playlists with all your facebook friends but no one interacts but me and a few others. I’ve created lists with songs that I like and I pretty much just listen to them myself. However, I’d be happy for new people to introduce me to new music. A sample spotify:user:129434542:playlist:6jukaHPOTO8eRN5mbNLRqj