Door Opening and Tix

When it’s two guys together and there is a door to open, it’s not OK for one of the guys to open the door for the other guy. The proper procedure is for the guy in front to open the door, walk through, and then push the door open after he has walked through it to show courtesy. Unless your a homo, you don’t open doors for regular guy friends.

So tonight seems like another get fucked up night which I’m somewhat regretting because I plan on day drinking tomorrow. Now I don’t have so much of a problem drinking tonight, waking up, and then doing more drinking in the afternoon. I know I’m physically capable of performing that but the difference lies in the functionality of my body when comparing two situations. If I didn’t drink tonight and started to drink at noon tomorrow, I could probably steadily drink for 8+ hours and I’d be able to remember the majority. However, if I get lit tonight, then I’ll wake up at noon still feeling drunk and the first couple beers will immediately regenerate the buzz, thus leaving me with less drinking time and a much higher blackout chance. It’s a catch-22 because staying in on Friday’s is lame but I’m running a risk of getting out of hand on Saturday, we’ll see.

I also want to post that if you are planning on going to Riverpalooza and you read my blog and you don’t have tickets to get in, you can call me and I have a few extra that I’ll happily sell you at a discount compared to paying full price at the door. I find these outside, afternoon events are great fun because everyone, literally everyone, is getting wasted and is in good spirits. My # is 215-694-2438 so you can either text or call me and I should be able to help you out.