Crying Movies – Reponse to Sam

I typically find it a pretty wussy move to cry during a movie. Just to give a couple thoughts to Sam’s post because I find it a pretty interesting topic. Sam’s list included Forrest Gump, Hardball?, Radio? March of the Penguins, Click and the 6th Sense. I’ve seen 3 of the 6 and will admit that the 6th Sense almost brought a tear to my eye at the exact spot Sam described. I felt no sympathy towards Jenny in Forrest Gump and didn’t mind that the whore bit the dust. Sam, Click, seriously? First off, the movie was awful and awful movies don’t deserve emotional attachment. Plus it’s Adam Sandler. I can’t comment on movies I haven’t seen but I haven’t cried at a Disney / Pixar flick since I was 10. The Lion King comes to mind when Mustafa was doing his slow motion falling and I felt bad for Simba.

Now to give you a movie that comes to mind as a movie that I think deserves crying. Schindler’s List. I remember watching this recently and during the end scene when the older versions of the characters are walking through the graveyards, I found that pretty moving. This was honestly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and if you haven’t, you are missing out. Also, I believe that crying at a movie of one German man saving hundreds of Jews from execution should have more merit and be acceptable, compared to tiny, 2lb 3oz, little baby animated penguins dying… Armageddon is also a tear jerker when Bruce Willis bites the bullet for Ben Affleck and saves the day. I actually found that pretty sad because it was unselfishness of the dad towards his daughter and acts like this are usually more emotional. I will add more as I come to think of them.