I really think I could write 10x better posts after weekends if I could remember everything in it’s entirety. What tends to happen though is after midnight everything happens in bits and pieces and that’s if I can remember it at all. However aside from what I would consider a very very fun weekend I am epic failing in a category. To quote J-Kash, “it’s all about conversions”.

On Friday after work I bought a case of Guinness, some Jameson and some Baileys and was preparing for a carbomb weekend. I got home from work fairly early and had to go to sleep because I was exhausted from being out till 2 the night before. So I slept till 7 and when I woke I was ready to start drinking. I drank about 8 car bombs and a couple of beers when we played quarters and we went to Mad River to watch Mr. Greengenes. I’ve wrote it before but getting wasted and then watching a really good band in the Mad River atmosphere is becoming one of my favorite past times. I honestly can’t remember everything that happened. I remember talking to a girl and things were going fine and then somethings happened where I lost touch and I had no ability at all to recognize her again. There are just too many people. (more…)