Current Corporate Craziness

I read an article in the WSJ how Silicon Valley corporations are reaching out even further with their moral boosting activities. For instance, one company has Mustache Mondays (employees wear fake mustaches), Yoga Tuesdays, and Recess Thursdays (company wide kickball). Another company has created a room with 3 beer kegs and Ipads displaying info on what’s on tap. Furthermore, corporate attire has changed from business casual to the Mark Zuckerberg “hoodie”. Apparently nowadays at some companies it’s OK to show up to the boardroom wearing a hoodie. What’s to make of all this trend?

The idea is that Silicon Valley companies have to offer perks to attract the smartest and brightest young talent. This ranges from fine cuisine, to fun activities, to upbeat business atmosphere. Makes sense to me. Businesses with the most intelligent people have an edge. I also understand the attitude that if the work is getting done, why not have fun doing it? To agree that the future generations are going to be the future leaders some day seems reasonable. Where do the problems lie?

If I was about to sit in a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg, do you think I’d show up in a hoodie? I barely even wear hoodies out because I think it’s low brow. Plus, all these activities would make me hate the company more. I would notice their desparation in trying to make me happy, which in turn, makes me less happy. I don’t want to wear a mustache or play kickball. You think by lightening the mood with a mustache I’m going to be happier? Where do these braniacs get this shit from. I promise you all these lame brain ideas come from marketing majors who “know what people want.” They say that these activities promote innovation and creativity. I’m pretty sure hard work is the fundamental principal on how to achieve goals, not Taco Tuesday.

I’m predicting a tech bust. First this current corporate universe has gone crazy with valuations just like the tech boom of 2000. Do you know that Zynga (think farmville) and Groupon are estimating valuations at 20 BILLION. Zynga reported net income of 91 million on revenue of 597 million for the last year. Groupon has never even turned a profit. Way smarter people than me are working on this and I really start scratching my head if people just buy into “social media” the same way the bought into anything that started with www back 10 years ago. I really just scratch my head with all this and wonder where the USA is headed. A company that allows people to farm and build cities in a virtual world is worth 20 billion dollars? It doesn’t provide anything useful but how to sit on your ass and waste time. This is the pride of the USA today. I’m moving to Switzerland.