Title change

So the randomness of me has been altered. Essentially when I searched for the randomness of me my site came up 3rd. Now I know not one person has ever searched for the randomness of me and to come up 3rd with such lame keywords was a bit disheartening. I read the two blogs ahead of me and the one hadn’t posted in months and the other crazed loon was photo shopping Jon and Kait. I knew that if I couldn’t top these two then I might as well add my moniker and then a funny word after it. Here are some synonyms for unhinged – bananas, batty, berserk, bonkers, confused, crazed, crazy, deranged, disturbed, insane, loopy, lunatic, mad, maniac, manic, mental, out of one’s mind, out to lunch, touched, unbalanced. We’ve been using the word bonkers for whenever someone passes the over the line of being normal. Meaning one too many mind erasers could drive you to that state or even a 38 dollar check from bodog. I’m not necessarily sure I’m going to keep it but it’ll have to work for now. I also altered the theme to keep things lively.

I’ve been pretty busy at work lately which is a good thing. I have a sales trip scheduled in a week or two that I’ll be doing by myself. I had too many good stories when I went with my dad so I know it’s not going to be as entertaining. There’s some apprehension about entering businesses and trying to sell them your goods but once I rationalize it like they are only people and they really can’t do anything to negatively impact you, so what the fuck. The webpage has been filled with the content and now it’s just time to add some extra features like payment processing and making sure everything is working. Hopefully this will bump business.

I’ve also been learning about option trading and have actually begun experimenting with it a bit. At 26 it’s such a good time to learn about the different financial vehicles out there because you’ll have the rest of your life to play with them. Plus it actually interests me which I can’t say about a lot of things. Maybe I’ll write about some of the moves I make in this blog to give people ideas of what goes through my head and how I think situations out (flawed perhaps but I always appreciate input even though I always rip any comments made in the blog). I’ve been gung ho on Sirius radio for a long time and it would only be just at this point if the stock went on a tear to the moon and I would profit in big ways through call options. Keep your fingers crossed.

I watched Black Hawk Down for the first time and I really don’t see what Hurt Locker had over this movie. It was made almost 10 years ago and I thought that point was barely noticeable. I thought the cast was great, no actors played their parts poorly. The mission was realistic and seemingly as accurate as you can make it. How they killed 1,000 skinnies and only lost 19 men is beyond me. That is really some amazing commandment. I’m sort of hurting for things to do again. I still have money in my poker account but haven’t been running so hot lately. The on demand for movies contains only the “i have to be extremely bored to watch this.” I might actually spend some more time reviewing more financial tactics just for kicks. I’ve wrote it before but if I went to college now after 5 years of work experience, I would have cared and learned so much more than when I went through it the first time. Concepts that they teach you in college are so foreign without real life experience that they just get forgotten as you get older.

I wanted to put out a contest to see how many people know what I’m talking about. There is a song that has an opening lyric that is burning and smells bad. That is the only clue and I think that this should be pretty hard but we’ll see. 10 dollars for the first person who emails tom@stortz.com the answer.