Why Google’s Algorithm is Valuable

Why is Google’s Algorithm the Best?

google11We all know Google is valuable because it brings desired information to you in an accurate, concise format.  In barely a second, a simple search produces matches that are closely correlated to what you would like information on.  The power of this is incredible.  It’s shame that we have to put a dollar value on this service because it is invaluable.  No other search engine has been able to be as great as Google.  What are the others missing?  Easy answer, the Google Algorithm.

google-algorithm-changesHow does Google know where to send people when they search?  They have an algorithm that grades content, consistency, reliability, and traffic.  This algorithm then ranks the pages and when you search for something, it produces the best results in top to bottom order.  I recently used Yahoo and my searches had me scratching my head enough that I don’t know why I’d ever stray from Google.  The algorithm is a bit of a mystery because if it was so easy to produce, other company’s would do so.  What’s the secret to getting posted on Google’s top page?

content-is-king1A good, boilerplate answer is content.  Content is king and the idea that Google brings traffic to the better websites is without a doubt correct.  However, this answer misses a mark because it is too general.  My answer is TRAFFIC draws more traffic.

The obvious thought is that you can’t produce traffic without good content.  The thing is that Google doesn’t care about how good you think it thinks the page is.  Google cares about how many other people view the page and whether they think it’s good.  People drive more people.

Google-Algorithm-pie-chartI’ve wrote over 1,000 posts and some get traffic and some whiff.  The ones that draw are usually about a figure that is celebrity status.  People search for Katy Perry or Madison Ivy.  My blog benefits from revealing photos of the aforementioned sources.  The problem is that unless you have two bazookas, no posts get recognized from rnningfool.com.  What does that show?  It shows that pages get recognized by Google if they are being looked at by a lot of people.  Once they reach a certain point, Google classifies them in a higher category.  If they keep getting views, they reach the next level.  Google processes this info and continues this process for every website and decides which pages to show when people search.  Therefore, it’s not content is king, it’s EXCELLENT content is the lord.

I’d really appreciate comments on this because I think people have thoughts on this subject matter.