Holy Cross Coach Pushes Pussy

ABC Video

The above link is a 9 minute clip of something that should never happen. What happens is a coach attacks a kid and knocks him to the ground during a rebounding drill. It looks like the coach is trying to grab the ball to show how much of a wimp the player is and then in a bizarre sequence the kid starts to flop to the ground. Unfortunately the coach’s hand continues in motion and looks like it slams the kid to the ground. After a swift, playful kick while the kid is down, he then “berates” the player when he says “got blood on you, good.” The kid claimed to have scrapes on his head and that he was too injured to play. The apologizing is hilarious from the coach because he is just doing it to appeal to the public’s eye because he knows what he did is the right thing to do with a player who has no balls. You try to toughen them up a little bit to make them a better player.

I have major problems with this incident because the kid is so far out of line. I could see if this was elementary or middle school ball but this is Division 2 MEN’S basketball. The player is obviously flopping and to bring this up as a legal matter just shows how much of a wuss he is. I 100% side with the coach on this one and there is no way the kid got injured from what happened. If you watch the clip in the interview process, you can tell that the coach wants to ring the little fucker’s neck. The tension can be cut with a knife in the room with the lawyers. The whole incident is just silly and the only winners are the lawyers. Seriously, the kid is looking for a way to extort some money out of the school because what happened seems perfectly normal to me. JC used to beat my ass to toughen me up and you didn’t see me filing suit. It’s called not being a pussy. Something that our society is seriously missing.

A final thought on ABC’s job of putting together this story. When I see a female in the video commenting on the nature of this event I just can’t take her seriously. Honestly, what does she know about toughness on a basketball court? What does she know about running a practice and having your kids play tough basketball. If you interviewed Pat Summitt I bet she’d stand up for the coach on this one because she’s a female who actually knows the game of basketball and not some talking head trying to defend a player.