Manayunk Sport and Social – Men’s Bball

Team Ck4 played it’s best competition yet, sans Ck4. Sans means “without” for people who don’t know and I also want to point I barely know how to you use it myself so I’m not sure if that’s proper with the comma usage. My brother Jeff also was missing and if I didn’t ask him if he was coming or not it would have “slipped his mind” which is just an excuse for being irresponsible. With two of our better scoring options absent, I had to call in the big guns and get Bake and Bud to fill in. Our record to date was 4-1 but we literally played the 5 worse teams in the league and we should have won the game we lost but still we are a lot better on paper than our performance so far.

We opened the game pretty strong with good D and some jumpers falling. It also helped that they couldn’t hit a jumper in the first half. 1st half highlights were when JKash put the kabash on their little point guard’s lay up when he “beat his shit up” (this is the best terminology for a block and I hope to hear ESnow use it one time) and also kneed him in the balls simultaneously. Evan was draining some jumpers much to the opposing teams dismay. Amber even said that I was playing good (just being nice of course) and I looked at her like she had a 3rd eye because I’m not sure anyone has ever issued a compliment about my game. I also overheard her ask if it was overtime yet when the game wasn’t tied but someone saying nice things caught me completely by surprise. We were up by 12 or so at halftime and felt pretty good about the half.

We opened the 2nd half still firing and opened the lead to 16 or so with 9 minutes left. Naturally though it’s never easy for us to close out a game and they started their comeback with 5 to play. We turned the ball over too often and let them right back in. With 2 minutes we were up 3 points or so and I took myself out for Bud due to my poor foul shooting which is some foreshadowing. Kevin drained a huge jumper to put us up 5 and then they scored and put Bake to the line for a 1 and 1. Clang. We got the O board and then Kevin had a chance at another 1 and 1. Clang. Another O board found Bud back at the line and he drained two to put the nail in the coffin. Hard fought game on both teams parts and this was finally a win that didn’t make us feel like we were just skating by these teams. Another game this Wednesday for all the fans (2, Amber and Kevins GF who no one has ever met or been sociable enough to introduce ourselves to her). Attendance for the year has almost hit double digit spectators.