Nothing doing

So my aspirations of being a long drive champion are non existent as it seems that you have to be about 420+ to really be considered good. Wagon and I have been hitting the range about 3 times a week and these new drivers we bought really crush the ball. It’s safe to say he’s been 315+ and I’ve been 335+. It’s really amazing how technology can alter the way you get off the tee. I also will say that it’s pretty amazing feeling to be able to hit the ball that long. In 7 days I’ve logged 8,000 hands of 6max nl for a mere 70 dollars but I have a feeling that will begin to change.

When I was driving to work today at 7:30 I saw this moderately attractive girl starting her day with a cigarette and I just can’t believe that the craving for nicotine is that overwhelming. Plus traffic coming in is pretty empty but I spent about an hour driving Kelly to Ridge home and it was just a nightmare because the traffic lights were down. Works been fine and I’m sort of just living life and not really feeling any sense of accomplishment or even a feeling of potential accomplishment. It’s just another day after day. It’s also weird how quick July flew by and how school starts again for people come August. When you work this isn’t really a crucial time but it obviously effects some peoples lives. I also know that when school starts, the traffic really starts to blow. I intend to head down the shore at least 2 or 3 more times before the summer’s over to take advantage of it while it’s still nice out. Nothing else of interest.