Cheers to Cheers


I enjoy watching programs that have withstood the hands of time and have received critical praise. Cheers is constantly an answer to trivia questions and people who were adults in the early 80’s and 90’s all seemed to have watched it. Obviously the fact that its strong cast with Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson, Kelsey Grammar, and Kristie Alley developing into A list actors helped its cause. I’m also amused by the bar scene and the jokes are usually a play on words which makes the show intelligent. It’s rare that you get a show like Workaholics which can provide outrageous comedy and wit behind it (most people will overlook the latter).

Even though I’m only 2 episodes into the series, I can tell already that the show will only get better. It was almost cancelled it’s first season and then hit it’s heyday in the late 80’s which is why I wrote the first sentence. There is also something incredibly joyful from watching the introduction and hearing the themesong “Where everybody knows your name“. An easy feeling came over me each time I played an episode and immediately set me in a good mood for the next 22 minutes. This is the perfect length to sit down and watch a TV show by the way. 30 minutes with commercials is too much filler and an hour show can’t be squeezed in. 22 minutes is quick and hard hitting. I think the show has some 270 episodes so this won’t happen overnight but I believe that this is a series that I may follow through with.