Dinosaurs Are Always a Good Laugh


Dinosaur references are not used enough to make jokes. I rarely hear the mighty Pterodactyl mentioned. Or what about the Stegosaurus? Land Before Time jokes referencing Little Foot need to be brought back into common vernacular. Denver the last dinosaur was my favorite TV show.  Who doesn’t laugh at this scene?

And this one:

There’s nothing wrong with replying to pornstar’s and telling them you want to be T-Rex. Normal behavior.

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Catalina Cruz my darling

I went to the Dr. today for my final checkup on my ankle. He said that everything is stable and it’s healing fine. He said I’m 5-6 weeks from playing Bball which is what I expected. I don’t have to go back any longer so that should end this era of my life. Being broken wasn’t a whole lot of fun and it helps me appreciate being able bodied. I’ve started to run again and even though I still can’t hit top speed I think I ran about 3 sub 7 minute miles on the track yesterday. In bizarre fashion the velcro portion of my wrist watch completely detached. Now I think this is a scenario where some people may try to go back to the manufacturer because it’s only been 2 years, but I’m just going to buy a new one. I keep the watch in the shower because it’s usually gross with my sweat and after runs so I just shower, clean the watch, and leave it in there. I think some body wash or shampoo must not have been cleaned off of the velcro portion and it disintegrated the glue holding it together. So I went to Dick’s today at 9am, it was actually 8:56 but they wouldn’t let me in till 9 which had me wondering wtf, but then I asked if they had wrist watches and he told me they had pedometers and heart monitors. So a major chain like Dick’s didn’t carry a wrist watch to time myself so I have to go to a running store and get a new watch. Interesting morning I know.

I’ve also started developing an interest in twitter. I’ll give my quick review after starting to actually use the service. It’s like the facebook newsfeed except you choose the people who are doing the updates. So rather then having my boring friends updates with pointless comments and mindless thoughts, I get to read Charlie Sheen, Jud Apatow, or even the President update me with current news. Plus the people you follow, in my opinion, is a selective process and should be your unique preferences rather than every a-hole out there. I started with friends, then my favorite bands, then movie stars, then sports figures, and then finally pornstars. The whole following people seems a bit unusual because I have random whores following my account and I can’t really understand why. The best part is that you can actually interact with some of the “celebs” on twitter. For instance, I saw a post my Catalina Cruz that said “going for a run” so I replied to her post “how do you run with your boobs being so big” and she responded “it’s easy, they aren’t that massive.” I thought the whole interaction was pretty funny because you can be a smart ass and interact with, well maybe her or at least her assistant. I’ve only just started using it but I do see its allure and find it entertaining and a good time waster. Plus it couldn’t do anything but drive traffic to my blog which is a good thing. Below is a picture of Catalina Cruz, my new twitter friend. I also admire her because she’s an entrepreneur and runs 15 adult websites. I lover her for her brains and business sense and nothing else…

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