Awe Crush – Football Edition

People may consider an awe crush a man-crush, however, I do believe they are a bit different. When people use the term “man-crush”, I get the feeling people are crazy enough to be a servant to a celebrity and do absolutely anything they ask. Anything. An awe crush has more to do with respect. I respect these athletes because they are the best at what they do. If you don’t respect the absolute best then your value system may be a little skewed and that’s perfectly acceptable. Everyone has different perceptions of what the best is or what they like, but liking mediocrity says something about yourself. However, liking a guy like Reggie Evans or Rasheed Wallace just shows how closely you follow your sport and your idea of awesomeness, which is almost better than liking the best. Back to the point, the following list are not men that I actually have a crush on but who I admire because their ability is a level above everyone else. I may actually use this idea for another post but for now we’ll stick to football.

Tom Brady
His personal life has nothing to do with why I like him although it is still interesting enough to put him over the top. He ended a relationship with Bridget Moynahann shortly after he found out she was having his baby and then started dating Gisele Bundchen while Moynahan was pregnant. That is such a bizarre move to find out you impregnated a hot chick and then leave her for another supermodel during the process. That aside, I salute Tom Brady for what he does on the football field. His passes are accurate and sharp and he rarely throws interceptions. He brings an aura of confidence that is hardly found in any QB aside from maybe Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning. My feeling is that he’s the smartest player on the football field at all times. In 10 seasons he’s been to the Superbowl 5 times, won 3 times and probably should have won the other two. He went from an approx 2:1 TD to INT ratio for the first 6 seasons of his career to a few staggering totals in recent years:
2007: 50-8
2009: 28-13
2010: 36-4
2011: 39-12
2012: 30-6

Tom Brady just owns life.

Cam Newton
I like Cam strictly for Fantasy value. I tout Cam as the best fantasy QB and I was glad to see him finally live up to expectations at the end of the year. Cam’s ceiling is higher for fantasy points than practically any other QB. Sure the Panthers suck and he has a major attitude problem but one thing is for certain, this guy wants to win. I think it’s great that he cops a major attitude when he loses games. Somebody who doesn’t give a shit that they are always losing isn’t the guy you are looking for to run a team. I’m not arguing that Cam is that guy because he showed how inconsistent he can be early in the season. I just think this guy has the ability to be around for a long time and will put up numbers that will break NFL records. He’s young and will continue to dominate.
Carolina Panthers v Washington Redskins

Adrian Peterson
A-Pete is the best running back in the league, period. I heard that on third and fourth and 1, when the other team knows he is getting the ball, he was averaging about 8 yards a carry. The guy is unstoppable. He has a speed unlike other backs in the league. Once he gets in the open field he is gone. He’s also amazing at making something happen on plays that look like they should have ended. The fact that he was trying to chase down the single season rushing record is amazing after, hold on, he recovered from a torn ACL/MCL at the END OF THE LAST SEASON. He is unquestionably the best back currently and potentially of all time if he keeps it up.
San Diego Chargers v Minnesota Vikings

Other guys who are shooting up my list and a few who have fallen off:
Rising Stars:
Dez Bryant
Michael Crabtree
Russell Wilson
Colin Kapernick
Percy Harvin

Fallen Off:
Jamaal Charles – He’s still great but he’s too hit or miss. Get him on a better team and he’ll prevail.
Darren McFadden – The injuries just prevent me from liking him too much.
Antonio Brown – I still expect big things out of Antonio but an injury plagued season never helps.