Jersey Shore “Cabs are Here”

I only have created one Jersey Shore episode post but Amber said she thought it was an entertaining read so I try to write about what people want. For the first time I actually side with Sammi and applaud her decision to leave. Honestly, is Ron a complete moron? He must live on Mars because he is so out of touch with reality. I love how he said Sammi disrespected him by dancing with that guy when he was 10 feet away. At least when he was getting with chicks it was different because, “SHE WASN’T THERE”. I liked the insult of calling him a psycho because that was pretty accurate although his “useless, spoiled bitch” was just as good. Watching him whimpering after what he just did to her room and how he treated her, then at the end he is wondering why she is leaving, like seriously, if he thinks you treat people like that and they are going to stay with you, he’s dreaming. I thought the way Sammi went to the bar was awesome and I had a complete turn-around on my opinion of her. I really think she made Ron look like an idiot throughout the whole episode. Even though she hangs on every little thing of the past, which would be so annoying, I like the way she manipulates the show. She’ll be back.

Just some other highlights. When Ron was confronting Mike and it was getting heated, I thought to myself “just apologize to shut him up whether you believe it or not.” Mike was smart enough to do so which I was happy to see because apologizing is just the smartest way to avoid meaningless situations. He’s not called the Situation for nothing. Pauly calling it a “voodoo trick” Mike used was good too. Pauly had his moments when he was getting too distracted to clean his sneaks and when Ron and Mike were arguing his eyes were just completely bulging out of his head. Also, the more Deena is on the show, the more I just wish she wasn’t there. Absolutely awful casting by MTV and it’s not her fault, but just get someone better. The JWoWW – Roger thing is sort of boring but she did look pretty hot in her S & M gear.