Fantastic Burlington Coat Factory Commercial

After reading about Burlington Coat Factory in Wikipedia, they are actually way bigger than I thought they were. With over 450 stores and 2.8 billion in revenue a year, maybe they should be able to figure out put this commercial I’m referencing on Youtube. Anyway, they have a commercial where a woman comes in and says “look at my new designer dress, it cost $280 (who says that entering a room anyway?)” Her co-worker replies that she can get a similar suit, a new dress, this outfit or this jacket to hit the slopes with for the same price.” I think a commercial like this clicks with a lot of people who are making purchasing decisions for families who are short on income. Plus people have to break down the value to them, a $280 suit would probably be more comfortable and last longer compared to the 4 different styles which give you more of a variety but aren’t as nice. I also want to mention that Burlington Coat Factory had a lawsuit against them for using real animal fur and calling it “faux fur” in products. I assume that real animal fur costs less than this “faux fur” and no one can tell the difference? So that aside, I still think that the commercial does exactly what good advertising does, it opens your mind to an option. Good commercials tell you do something. I know giving props to Burlington Coat Factory is really obscure.