Wedding Weekend

My childhood friend (and still friend) Bud Schmidt had his wedding this weekend. He appointed me a groomsman and gave me responsibilities like walking his Mom down the aisle to commence the wedding, ushering guests, and lighting candles. Of course I’d rather do nothing but was happy to follow any directions I was given. Watching the forever wedding entrance on Youtube makes me sick to my stomach thinking that people would go to all the trouble to put on a performance like that. The worst singled out moment was entering the reception with a dance move. The bridesmaid and I settled on a spin move instead of the somersault that I was lobbying for. Everything went off without a hitch and I’m sure the couple will be live happily ever after (I know that’s for fairy-tales but it seems appropriate)

I wanted to devote a paragraph to the Schmidt Family and just to write that the Schmidt’s are probably the nicest people I know. They’ve known me for my whole life and have never treated wrong in any way. They didn’t get mad at me when I popped the unpoppable ball with the clue knife. Bill used to scream THOMAS CHARLES whenever I made an error in the field, but he did it because he just wanted me to be as good as I could be. They liked me when I was growing up as an innocent child and they still like me even now when I’m a corrupted, alcoholic, degenerate gambler. Just yesterday, Bill took me out to play golf at one of the nicest country clubs in the area for practically nothing. With his caddying help of reading the greens I was able to shoot a 97 (without it I would have been 110+). This family gets my utmost respect for being the most genuine people I know and I’m sure with the addition of the Hodge family they will continue to be at the top of my list. (I don’t really have a list but you get the phrase)