Bruce Lee Mindset


You always hear that people can do anything if they put their minds to it and I believe this to be true as long as what they are trying to do is realistic. You can’t just set a goal like being a millionaire without first being a thousandaire. What I’ve learned in life is that you have a better chance of accomplishing goals if you keep them simple, in view, and you are able to concentrate on them. Achieving one specific goal is usually favorable to working towards 10 different goals that never get accomplished. This Bruce Lee way of thinking makes it so you don’t get stopped by your mind in life. Your mind controls you but you limit yourself. For this example, I suppose there is a point of physical exhaustion where you will literally break down but I have to imagine most people never get to this point. People will generally stop for fear of “dieing”, but as Bruce says, you’re better off dead.