Then and Now – 90’s Themed

Courtney Peldon

Sam and I were watching Little Giants and were both thinking what some of the characters grew up to look like. We both were curious about that little cutie Debbie in the movie and Ow Ow what a fox she turned into. I didn’t really remember her being JTT’s girlfriend on Home Improvement but that’s what she is best known for. Other than that though she’s done a lot of crappy movies and TV shows. I feel like she’s probably a coke head.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Both were 7 in the movie Big Daddy and are 19 now. These little bastards grew up to be wealthy, wealthy individuals. They starred in the show the Suite Life of Zach and Cody from 2005 to 2008 and then the Suite Life on Deck from 2008 to 2011. These were some of Disney’s most popular shows and they were bringing in 40k per episode. Apparently they are heartthrobs among young girls. For some reason I just can’t think about them any other way than as Julian.

Brian Bonsall

I really hit a jack pot on this one. I had no idea Brian Bonsall was so interesting. Everyone remembers Preston from Blank Check and apparently he played Andy from Family Ties which I really never watched. He has some other roles in movies but retired from acting in 1995 to play in a band. Obviously from the picture he got himself in some trouble with the law. He’s had some DUI’s, assault, violating probation conditions, heavy drug and alcohol user, you typical bad boy. I really didn’t know any of this before I decided to choose Preston so it makes it all the better.