LeSean Decoy and Body Armor

LeSean Decoy and his Body Armor

LeSean Decoy and his Body Armor

I walked into a local mart and I noticed this poster of LeSean McCoy advertising for a sports drink called BodyArmor. What I thought was funny about this advertisement was that there was no indication that LeSean played for the Eagles. He wasn’t wearing the Eagles uniform, only the colors, and it just had LeSean McCoy, #25, Philadelphia as his description. Then I started to take a closer look at the poster and I’m pretty sure that isn’t even LeSean. After some quick searching it looks like LeSean signed a one year deal with this company back in March of 12′. With this being 6 months after the contract expired, I’m curious if the company has the right to use a like individual to advertise for them without having to pay Shady. Either way I still think it’s smart by a company to hire professional athletes to endorse their drinks. Now a company has to reverse it and appeal to the common fat man and use Lard Ass from Stand By Me to endorse a milkshake. Who would drink this shit anyway?

This post reminded me of the movie Argo and how you have to be deceptive in getting past people who are looking for something. Argofuckyourself.

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Body Armor

Anyone else find it odd that everyone doesn’t walk around in body armor? An indestructible body suit that would protect your from any projectiles, falls, crashes, and everything in between. I suppose it would be extremely costly, clunky, and completely unnecessary but I still think it at least should exist to the super wealthy. The more I think about this idea the more and more I’m re-creating Iron Man. So my initial idea for this post of all humans living with body armor in complete chaos because everyone would act so irresponsible and careless with their bodies turned into a bunch of Iron Men. He sort of steals all the thunder from this post. Still, a more obtainable body suit should still be available that guards you against the mistakes in life. You’d find people wearing it playing sports, driving automobiles, or WAR! When are we going to come to a day when bullets are rendered completely useless? Wars wouldn’t even be fought by people. This body suit should be the #1 priority of our scientists. Although technically if a nuclear war could wipe out massive amount of area, maybe they have bigger concerns.

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