Beer Pong Table

The highlight of the weekend was the building of a beer pong table outside. Usually projects like this are talked about but never completed. Although not entirely finished, the framework was screwed down and legs were added. We ran out of batteries for the drill about 90% of the way done, so there are still a couple of screws to drill. The cost of the table was 78 dollars. We bought a 4×8 piece of plywood and got it cut so it was a 3×8, 4 2×4’s for the framing, and 4 4×4 for the legs. An electric saw was also needed and I happy to say that no one was injured in this process. I actually had the drill slip while I was drilling a nail and it missed Jon’s hand by about 3 inches but he wasn’t looking and didn’t even notice what had happened. It still needs to be painted and designed but all in all it was a job well done. Jill took some pictures of the process so I’ll put them up when she gives them to me. I have a couple from my phone that I can put up now.

We were transporting the lumber and had to have it exit the vehicle by opening up the glass plate. We were both a bit skeptical of the process but it ended up working fine.

Me looking like a tool while the guy was getting the 4×8 down. This is how I go out in public. I had no undershirt on and the the socks, sandals, mesh short combo is my look.

I won a nice chunk of change playing poker Saturday. I played 9 tournaments and lost 50 bucks so I decided to play a 215 heads up which I won and then I won a 4 person 115 dollar heads up. So I actually cashed out that money and hopefully my run will continue and not be effected by the cash out curse. I also have 60 dollars in my sports betting account which is amazing because I’ve only made one deposit in the last month for 60 bucks. That’s called stretching it out.

From the business front, I’m hoping that the website will be nearly finished by the end of this week so that’s one thing that should be good for business. Here’s a picture of my newly acquired business card. I think JC was a bit surprised to see that I appointed myself Vice President but it’s only a title. Another Monday to kick off the week, yee ha.