Finishing the Weekend

I’m just going to pick up exactly where I left off on Saturday night. I have been using the word exactly way too much to just agree with everyone. It makes other people feel good about what they are saying to me when I’m agreeing 100% using the word “exactly”. Anyway, after golf I played a 1v1 beer pong, best of 7 series, with Gusto. Just to give a quick update on how Ck4 and I play beer pong in the fairest, purest form possible. No bouncing, no leaning, no death cup, the cup doesn’t count if it reverse bounces in your cup, there is only one re-rack and you can use it anytime but no power I. The power I is an unfair rack and I really don’t care about any argument to defend it. The Triangle is the 3 cup rack and you don’t want the triangle for fear of making the first cup. There really isn’t an awful cup to make for the I, the middle obviously but it’s still in a straight line which is better then the back two, thus making the I unfair. The only nuance to the game we play is bringing it back and you get a shot at redemption from both players where if the first player misses, the 2nd player could technically still tie the game making 6 straight shots. Getting that out of the way, I beat Gusto in the best of 7 in 6 games in a pretty fun series. 1v1 beer pong is the very best drinking game from a fun factor because there is no waiting in line and you start to find the groove to the game.

After that we went to Jess and Meghan’s for a few drinks and then went to Kildares for the night. A side note, Bake went 8 for 8 in flip cup and if he was Chad I’m sure he would want me to point that out. Kildare’s had a decent crowd and I only have one real highlight when Gusto was talking to two girls and I happily tried to win over one of the two. After telling the one girl she looked like Sara Bareilles

which I didn’t really think was an insult but the only reason I told her that was because her nose was really big at the bridge but she couldn’t have possibly known that was what I meant. Also I bet not many people even know who Sara Bareilles even is. I think she’ s reasonably attractive enough to use this line just to point out. Anyway, she wasn’t the girl I was even trying to talk to, I had her friend but I was running some ok game and then I hit a nerve when I started talking about her tattoos. She basically thought that I was talking down to her and that pissed her off and left me wondering what I did wrong. It reminded me of the time I pissed a girl off because I was asking about her baby and if it was a nuisance and she didn’t like me much either. Jkash also doesn’t forget the time I told this one girl she looked like Snooki which proved to not be such a complement. After Kildare’s, Gusto and I listened to some Neil Young and numerous other classics until I went to sleep at 3 or so. I know I still haven’t gone through Gusto’s top 25 best bands of all time but I’m getting around to it as the list evolves.

I awoke at 7am, showered, went back to sleep until 8:30 and then I had to wake up for some volunteer work that I agreed to do with Bake, JKash, and the Shee. In moments of kindness that I’m going to point out, both Bake and the Shee thought enough of me to bring me some form of breakfast which I engulfed. The volunteering was for the Ronald McDonald House and it was a contest of sorts where teams had to go through different obstacles and get a time. Jkash and my obstacle were two big feet that 3 people had to stand on and go out and back around a cone. Technically we just made up that they had to go up and back and we weren’t given any instruction on how to run the obstacle, we just were “trying to look official.” Before we left Jkash said I should get a pic using this line “Excuse me, Mr. McDonald, could I trouble you for a picture.” Here it is.

We decided to go to Limekiln at 3:30 for a round of golf which I should have just opted out due to feeling lousy and running on no sleep. I fell asleep on the ride there and was just trying to get through the round without incident. After carding back to back 10’s with hitting 8 shots in bunkers, my round was shot. There is nothing worse then blowing up the round on hole number 3. Fortunately for me there was some lightning and we were forced to stop after 9 which was really a scam because they started letting people play again 10 minutes after we left. A really poor job by Limekiln and I don’t really have a problem never giving them business again. After that I went to sleep at 6:30 pm and woke up this morning at 7. I woke up at 2am and took a shit but other then that my body needed some serious rest and I’m feeling much better today. I’ve got about 5 posts in the queue and should be able to fill up this blog with entries in no time. It’s also my sisters b-day so Happy Birthday Laura! This blog will be like me writing it on facebook where all the posers come out to fake celebrate your birthday.